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5-HTP Club Drugs Comedown

The high is extremely enjoyable while it lasts. The moment it ends, however, you have to deal with club drugs comedown effects, the combined impact of your body’s reaction to a toxic substance leaving your body and your mind’s disorientation. Although there is no magical club drugs comedown cure, there are several things you can do to deal with the negative effects of a club drugs comedown based on scientific club drugs comedown information. For instance, you could drink more water as it is likely that you have become severely dehydrated during the drug use period. Resting is a good idea as well.

Club Drugs Comedown Information

However, if you are particularly beat down during your club drugs comedown and you want a more potent club drugs comedown cure, you could try using a substance called 5-HTP, a chemical that has been proven to mitigate comedown effects at least marginally. Let’s take a closer look at this substance, its chemical composition and how it works. If you are looking for accurate club drugs comedown information, you have come to the rest place.

5-HTP Effects

To better understand how 5-HTP works it is important to know that its chemical action is very similar to that of a natural depressant. In fact, both 5-HTP and a regular natural antidepressant achieve the safe results: they diminish depression in a person. Although in the media 5-HTP is lauded as a complete club drugs comedown cure, the truth is that it helps mainly in club drugs comedown effects that are related with mood swings and depressions since it works much in the same way a natural antidepressant does. A good look at current club drugs comedown information about this seemingly magical substance will prove the same to you.

5-HTP For Club Drugs Comedown

The way 5-HTP works to lessen club drugs comedown effects is quite remarkable. The substance itself is a precursor to the all important brain chemical, serotonin. Serotonin, for the uninitiated, is the chemical compound in the brain that researchers believe is responsible for happiness in human beings. Serotonin also happens to be the substance that most club drugs manipulate to give you a high, especially those that give you a happy, euphoric feeling. When you get off a high, therefore, the serotonin levels in your brain drop drastically, causing you to feel depressed. 5-HTP brings those levels back to normalcy in the same a natural antidepressant does.

5-HTP Review

The question that is probably on your mind is exactly how effective is 5-HTP in reducing the effects of club drugs comedown. The answer is that its effects vary from person to person. In general, however, most people find a significant difference in their general mood when using 5-HTP but none can claim that the chemical completely removes the depression and mood swings that a club drugs comedown inevitably brings. Combining this substance with other things like taking vitamin C supplements, catching up on your sleep and drinking lots of water can help mitigate the effects further. It is unwise, however, to use 5-HTP with any other form of antidepressant.