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5-HTP For An Ecstasy Comedown

If you take ecstasy pill, during binge you may feel extremely positive, active and energetic. In contrast, when you are coming down from taking ecstasy, you may experience feelings of depression, sluggishness and other unwell effects. This is because ecstasy or MDMA increases the amount of dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine in your brain; this leads to heavy headache, depression, anxiety and others. In such case, natural antidepressant works well to heal all these problems and keep your body neutral. If you want to stay away from all the side effects of MDMA, you should learn ecstasy information in detail.

5-HTP Effects

5-HTP is an excellent ecstasy comedown or hangover remedy. It contains naturally-occurring amino acid that helps obviously boost serotonin levels. This means that taking 5-HTP or natural antidepressant during recovery from ecstasy use will help regulate your body’s natural cycles. This will help you feel better, regain your appetite and more. Additionally, 5-HTP also assists with regulating social behavior, hunger, memory, learning and sexual function. Felling nervous, irate and disturbed during the hangover is ecstasy fact. In order to avoid all these side effects and negative results, 5-HTP is very helpful and effective. In fact, most of the doctors use 5-HTP as an ideal treatment for drug addiction.

Ecstasy Comedown Effects

Doctors or physicians even use the natural antidepressants as a treatment to cure the side effects of ecstasy comedown. Because 5-HTP is so effective at helping to counteract the effects of ecstasy hangover, it is even used in rehabilitation centers. If you are aware about the ecstasy information and its side effects then you will definitely avoid taking it. When the amount of dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine is increased due to ecstasy intake, your body experiences all types of pleasurable effects for specific period of time. When you are experiencing an ecstasy comedown, however, the amount of serotonin in your brain is washed-out. So you need to cover the level of serotonin by taking natural antidepressant or 5-HTP. The hangover may cause you to feel lethargic, slow, experience depression and suffer other ill effects that leave you down.

Ecstasy Comedown Cure

You can simply remove all the ill effects by using the 5-HTP during the ecstasy hangover. If you are aware about ecstasy information or ecstasy facts, you can definitely imagine the bad effects of it. Ecstasy manufacturers use harmful chemical in it that is very dangerous to our brain and body. People with heart problems should avoid taking ecstasy because it increases the blood pressure and heart rate. So this will create more problems for such people. These days, teenagers are taking the drugs or ecstasy on high scale. Since the craze of attending the concerts, night parties, and raves is increasing, the number of ecstasy taking teens growing day by day. Youngsters even know about natural antidepressant and they use it without consulting doctor. This is not the right way to get rid of ecstasy hangover. You should consult doctor before using the 5-HTP or antidepressant.