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5HTP Ecstasy

Are you searching about ecstasy? If yes then do not worry – here we are going to provide you comprehensive details regarding it. Ecstasy is drugs and it exhibits similar effects to those of hallucinogens and amphetamines. It is mainly extracted from the sassafras tree and usually produces an energizing effect natural treatment for depression. It is also known as MDMA (3-4- Methylenedioxymethamphetamine). Although, it is an illegal drug but definitely not so difficult to find. It is known as Ecstasy as it is an important part of music industry that is used by many music artists to keep themselves awake and fresh to sing and dance for several hours.

About 5- HTP

5- HTP is mainly one of the most important depression natural remedies that help an individual to treat anxiety, stress and mainly depression natural supplements for depression. These depression natural remedies are a main source of amino acid, tryptophan that plays an important role in controlling eating habits along with the mood disorders. It also holds great importance in effectively treating an induced depression caused by the MDMA. A chemical substance known as serotonin transporters is bonded to the MDMA that results in the excessive production and release of it.

It has also been found that only three days usage of the Ecstasy causes massive changes in the level of serotonin that remained same for about eight years. The lower level of serotonin is mainly linked to the depression and stress.

About 5HTP Ecstasy

The symptom of 5HTP Ecstasy could be little unpleasant for the patient. After the usage of the drug, an individual would be forced to experience confusion, depression, anxiety and insomnia for many days and sometime even several weeks. Moreover, if an individual continue to use this drug, it might causes lasting health complications in memory and other related cognitive functions. Thus, 5- HTP could be used in order to bring positive changes in the mental and physical problems caused by Ecstasy.

The lower of level of serotonin caused by the depression induced with Ecstasy could be brought into control with the help of 5- HTP. There is however, no research conducted that could bring evident facts about the 5HTP Ecstasy but people who have used this herbal supplement have been able to enjoy positive changes in their mental health.
FDA has however, not approved the usage of the 5-HTP by all the users as it might lead to many health complications. To use 5- HTP with other drugs or antidepressants could lead many problems therefore, it is always advised to take proper consultation of an expert before the usage of 5- HTP, as they would be able to analyze your current health condition and recommend the dosage of herbal supplement accordingly. Vomiting, nausea, appetite loss, stomach pain and rapid heart rate are few major effects caused by the usage of 5- HTP that could easily be avoided by taking proper care. “Prevention is better than cure”, you need to act upon this saying and help yourself from all possible health problems.