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About Olive Leaf Extract

It is a known fact that ancient remedies and practices offer some of the most safe and sound solutions to some of the most serious diseases. Ancient medicine is based on extracting the most out of nature and providing solutions that are not just highly effective but also very safe. One such natural wonder is olive leaf extract. This extract was used by ancient Egyptians for numerous medicinal purposes. In fact, olive leaf extract was known to cure various health related problems such as unstable blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, weak immunity and so on.

One can find olives in various parts of Syria and Asia Minor. Apart from this, Mediterranean countries such as South Australia, Peru and Chile are also known to cultivate olives. When used in Egypt, olive leaf extract was considered to have almost magical power. It was also used in the process of mummification. A lot of other cultures used olive leaf in its pounded form during the early 1800s. It was also used in tea to cure the dangerous disease of malaria.

Olive leaf extract in the modern world

Though olive leaf extract has been an integral part of ancient medicine for centuries now, the world of modern medicine took some time to come to terms with its use. In fact, the benefits of olive leaf extract were first acknowledged as late as 1995. A lot of research work in this direction points out towards some great short-term effects. Though there has not been enough time for long term studies, the early indicators look rather encouraging.

Apart from the regular known effects of this extract, a lot of new facts about olive leaf extract were discovered. For example, this extract is known to be great to prevent colds and virus inflicted diseases that are quite common amongst highly stressful lifestyles. Apart from this, the various other benefits of olive leaf extract include regularization of cardiac rhythms (heart beats), improvements in psoriasis cases, reduced agony from hemorrhoids, aching joints and toothaches etc. However, one of the most interesting facts about olive leaf extract is its usefulness in curing depression and how to treat neurasthenia as well. A lot of patients have reported sharp improvements after intake of this extract. A lot of studies are also pointing towards the fact this extract can be one of the best depression natural remedies.

Olive Leaf Extract to tackle depression

Most successful depression natural remedies such as are known to include olive leaf extract in their composition. Read up a bit about olive leaf extract and you will find that this extract may have a direct link in boosting serotonin and niacin levels in the brain and treating neurotic depression as well. These hormones are highly significant in maintaining mood balances. Deficiency of these hormones is usually what causes most cases of depression. In fact, depression natural remedies that include several components such as L-lysine, niacin, vitamin B6 and B12 etc. are thought to be effective counters to the effects of depression.