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Anti-Oxidants Protect Against Club Drugs Hangover

It is believed that club drugs hangover episodes are strongly linked to what happens in the nervous cells once the high caused by the hallucinogenic substances expires. Based on an intense sensation of feeling happy, caused by elevated levels of serotonin in the brain, a drug abuse high is very dangerous for brain cells. Since serotonin is the most important natural antidepressant human beings have at their disposal, once the existing reserve is consumed by drugs, intense sensations of depression and being physically ill start to appear. These are nothing but club drugs hangover effects, but the reality is even tougher. What happens in the brain cells is one of the issues that most club drugs hangover information may overlook. These cells are exposed to oxidation, the process that causes us to age, and, eventually, die. If these cells age and die, the brain will certainly suffer. The oxidation of the cells specialized in making natural antidepressant can lead to long term consequences, which is why club drugs abuse is strongly advised against. Taking antioxidants can be part of a club drugs hangover cure, but it is also an important piece of advice for protecting your brain.

What Happens In Each Nervous Cell

Feeling high due to drug consumption can be very pleasant. The intense sensations experienced during the high are tributary to a single neurotransmitter, called serotonin, or the ‘happiness hormone’. During club drugs hangover, the sensations are exactly the opposite: you will feel depressed, your body will ache all over, and you will think that you will never be happy again. A club drugs hangover cure, including proper hydration, enough sleep, and nutritious food, will get you back on your feet. Still, this is not the only club drugs hangover information you need to know. The nervous cells that are responsible for creating natural antidepressant are invaded by other neurotransmitters than serotonin. These neurotransmitters, like dopamine, start an oxidation process in each brain cell. As you can see, repeated episodes of club drugs hangover can lead to more important consequences for your brain. Seeing that your brain might get seriously damage, club drugs hangover effects will pale in comparison.

Can Antioxidants Help

Preloading on vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant can be very helpful as a club drugs hangover recipe. Other similar vitamins and amino-acids can also help, because they will reduce the intensity of the oxidation process in the brain cells. However, use this club drugs hangover information wisely; abusing drugs over and over again can lead to significant consequences that will not be stopped just by a glass of orange juice. While this club drugs hangover cure can help, to some extent, it does not mean that it can save your brain from damage. Without its valuable natural antidepressant, the brain will cause the same club drugs hangover effects, and the oxidation will continue in its cells.

The best advice that can be given is to give up club drugs completely. Once they are out of your system, the brain will recover itself, and even the damage done to its cells can be reversed.