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Anxiety and Hair Loss

Anxiety and hair loss have an intricate relationship. Anxiety causes hair loss in some cases and makes hair loss more difficult to control in other cases. Anxiety and male depression can also contribute to conditions that cause hair loss. Understanding how and why anxiety causing hair loss is more stressful can help you get the right treatment to reduce anxiety and hair loss problem.

Anxiety Causing Hair Loss- An Analysis

Hair loss is not the sole symptom of anxiety. In fact, hair loss problem occurs, only when the anxiety is very severe and something like mood enhancement supplements are needed for treatment. The main problem between anxiety and hair loss is stress.

Anxiety is chronic stress that comes in various forms. Dealing with anxiety put you under constant physical and mental stress, which can cause many conditions, including

Telogen Effluvium

A condition where more hairs fall out than normal. Stress causes your body to tell more hairs to stop growing than normal. It is linked to stressful events like sickness, surgery and injury. When body experiences a stressful event, it uses all its energy to recover from that problem, rather than growing hair. Hence, many hair follicles enter into a resting stage much earlier than usual. This is one of the reasons for how anxiety causing hair loss.

Alopecia Areata

Sudden loss of hairs in areas around the scalp. Chronic stress can cause this condition


A condition caused by anxiety and stress, in which the person pulls out his/her hairs even without realizing it.

Anxiety and hair loss are interrelated. Many people, especially women experience anxiety, when they suffer from hair loss problem. Hair loss triggers anxiety and exacerbates their problem. Anxiety can cause sleep problems, which in turn disrupt the growth cycle of hairs.

The problem of hair loss caused by anxiety can be reduced by treating anxiety. There are many natural treatments for anxiety and hair loss. Ensure that you get adequate rest, take a healthy diet and do some relaxing activities like listening to music and walking. Exercise can help reduce stress and restore your strength.  Leading a healthy lifestyle is an easy way to get rid of hair loss caused by anxiety.

You can get more benefits by taking nutritious foods and following anxiety reduction techniques. Eating foods rich in omega 3 like salmon and tuna can help you deal with both the problems. Some specialists recommend taking B complex vitamin supplement to deal with stress and hair loss caused by anxiety and stress.

Aromatherapy can provide you with the benefit of mind and body relaxation. It creates a soothing effect and improves hair loss problem significantly. Rosemary, lavender and thyme are some of the best essential oils that can help you get a calming effect. Just massage the mixture of essential oils into your scalp before sleep. The essential oils promote sound sleep and help grow new hairs.

Treating anxiety and hair loss at the same time can help you get rid of both the problems quickly. Reducing anxiety can help improve your hair health. A healthy hair helps increase your self esteem and reduce stress and anxiety.