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Attachment Disorder in Adults

Attachment disorder is a complication that starts in the childhood itself. For a few lucky individuals, this complication improves over a period of time. By the time they become turn adults, they are no longer suffering from attachment disorder or something like a depressed spouse. However, for many who are not so lucky, this disorder stays with them till adulthood emerges. Attachment disorder in adults is common. The number of cases is on a rise according to many studies and surveys.

Attachment Disorder

There are a number of causes of attachment disorder in adults. To begin with, physical abuse during childhood is one of the most common causes. Many children are victim of physical abuse. While some of them are tough enough to go through the rough phase without letting it have an impact over their mind, others succumb to its effects and the result is attachment disorder. It’s important to get help and try some alternative therapies as well. Sexual abuse is also a prime reason of attachment disorder in adults. Sexual abuse is something that stays in the memory for a very long time and often it becomes very hard for the victim to get over such an incidence. Apart from abuse, individuals who are rather neglected by their parents intentionally or unintentionally often go onto suffer from this complication. In today’s fast life, every single parent has to choose between professional commitments and personal ones. Unfortunately, in order to make the personal future better, most of the parents end up choosing the former.

Adults and Attachment Disorder

The connection between adults and attachment disorder starts during the early days of the individual. According to experts, most of the people who suffer from attachment disorder in their adulthood are the ones who witnessed causes while they were below three years of age. Experts state that the first three years of human life are very sensitive and vital. This is the time when the child should be given maximum attention. This is also the time when one must ensure that the child does not face any kind of abuse. Unfortunately, any unwanted incidence that takes place during the first three years of life eventually develops a connection between adults and attachment disorder.

Attachment Disorder in Adults Symptoms

There are numerous attachment disorder in adults symptoms. To begin with, the overall mindset of the adult is more or less negative. This reflects in his/her personal as well as professional life. What makes these individuals even more interesting is the fact that they easily tend to spread their negative mindset to others as well. One of the most common attachment disorder in adults symptoms is to manipulate things. These adults are extremely manipulative. In some cases, they also start lying in different situations.

Attachment disorder in adults symptoms includes lack of trust. The person does not tend to trust friends and family members. Therefore, it is extremely difficult for such individuals to develop a long-lasting relationship. In romantic relationships, they often come across as extremely possessed and highly aggressive at times.