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Bipolar Disorder Triggers

The exact reason for bipolar disorder is still a subject of research. Experts believe and are of the opinion that there are many factors that combine together and act in order to make a person develop this condition. These factors can be complex and a mix of social, physical and environmental along with laughter not occurring anymore. Bipolar disorder triggers are seen in people of any age and is given treatment accordingly. There is a lot of research that is still happening on the bipolar disorder triggers and its impact on the human body. There are certain causes for people getting bipolar disorder and in all the cases the bipolar disorder triggers are almost similar in nature.

Understanding Bipolar Disorder Causes

There are many bipolar disorder causes; some are minor while others are major and some can even be shed in the light of helping a depressed boyfriend. The first among several bipolar disorder causes is the chemical imbalance in the brain.

Bipolar disorder is believed as a resultant of chemical imbalances happening in the brain. The chemicals that are responsible for controlling the brain functions are called neurotransmitters. Some examples of neurotransmitters are serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine. In case of any chemical imbalance in any one of these neuro transmitters it would result in bipolar disorder.

Another cause for bipolar disorder is genetic factor. Reasons for bipolar disorder are many but majority of those can be linked to genetics. However, we cannot point our finger on one single gene and say that it is responsible for bipolar disorder. In fact it is a combination of many environmental and genetic factors that act as a trigger for the condition.

A stressful situation can also be one of the reasons for bipolar disorder. The symptoms of such stressful triggers include:

• Sexual, physical and emotional abuse
• Relationship breakdown
• Death of a close family member

Some times these events can be life-altering and can lead to series of depression and can stay till the person lives. Other reasons for bipolar disorder can be physical illness, sleep disturbances and some problems that come up in any person’s life like work, money or any other relationship.

Bipolar disorder may also be triggered by long or short term illness, disturbance in the sleep pattern and some problems people go through in their everyday life, such as financial woes, work related or can be relationships too.

Can Bipolar Disorder Effects Be Severe

Bipolar disorder effects are not always severe. Living with this disorder can make the person feel like he is having a roller coaster ride. There can be extreme ups and downs of the disease that can affect the life of the patient and also of those who stay close to him.
In order to keep the Bipolar disorder effects minimum and control the disease better, it’s important for the caregiver and the patient to know the episodes that trigger depression and mania.

It is commonly seen that when one person in the family has bipolar disorder, it appears as though the whole family is suffering from the same illness. Initially the patient may need help with medications and taking them to consult the doctors. However, it is in the hands of those who support the patient that determine how quickly he/she can get over this disorder.