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Chronic Depression Treatment

The sad thing about psychiatry and psychology is that though these conditions are diseases at the end of the day, popping a pill like you would for a cold or a fever does not work especially if it’s something like teen depression. People generally look for a chronic depression cure that is quick and restores normalcy in a few days’ time. However, since chronic depression symptoms and signs are rather ambiguous and subjective in nature, the effects of a chronic depression cure are not always as easy to spot. The first step to take when looking for a chronic depression cure is to ensure correct diagnosis. This must be carried out by a trained specialist in mental health so nothing is left to doubt.

Treating Chronic Depression

Though chronic depression or dysthymia is a serious mental condition, chronic depression treatment is indeed a possibility. Early diagnosis and the right kind of chronic depression treatment is a must to ensure that the patient doesn’t slip further down the downward spiral of depression into major depression. Most forms of chronic depression treatment may include psychotherapy (talk therapy), medications or both.


Psychotherapy is a popular form of treatment not just for depression but a whole range of other mood related disorders. This therapy with a depression doctor of sorts is nothing more than a talk therapy that helps patients cope with everyday life in a functional manner without allowing the symptoms of depression to get out of hand. The best thing about psychotherapy is that apart from dealing with the core problem itself, this form of therapy also helps build the patient’s compliance with different forms of medication. Similarly, it promotes a healthy lifestyle and helps the patient as well as his/her family and friends get a better understanding of depression. Various approaches such as one-on-one therapy, support groups or group therapy can be used for successful psychotherapy.


On the other hand, another great chronic depression remedy is going for antidepressants. There are different classes of antidepressants available that are used to treat varying forms of depression. The doctor usually checks the patient’s physical and mental condition before prescribing any of these medications. It is also important for the doctor to find a form of medication that offers least risk in terms of side effects. Antidepressants may take a few weeks to take effect in the desired manner. These medications should be taken for at least six months to nine months once there has been a major episode of chronic depression. Again, stopping an antidepressant is also a gradual process so it must also be done under your doctor’s guidance.

Accurate Chronic Depression Diagnosis

The best way to find a suitable chronic depression remedy is to ensure that you find an accurate diagnosis and an experienced doctor to help you through the mood disorder. A form of chronic depression remedy will only take effect if you take all the necessary steps and do so under proper professional guidance. If not treated in time, dysthymia poses the risk of worsening into major depression. It is therefore important to take this disorder seriously and resort to treatment the moment it is found out.