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Difference Between Molly Abuse and Addiction

Molly abuse effects and molly addiction are synonymous terms and there is not much difference between them. Once you get addicted to molly, the drug sets up biological cycles inside your body, so that you begin to desire more of the drug in a periodic manner. This is what is known as molly abuse or molly addiction, and they are similar terms describing each other. If you are wondering about molly abuse effects and looking for more of similar molly abuse information, then this article can be of great assistance to you. Here the molly abuse effects of the drug is explained in  terms of alcoholism and molly addiction, molly comedown and the adulterants mixed in molly. Also, you can find information regarding whether molly is really a natural antidepressant or not.

Molly Information

First, the adulterants part. Molly is a synthetic drug manufactured in underground drug laboratories. The chemists who prepare molly often mix different evil adulterants like heroin or cocaine in the drug. These highly abusive substances can cause serious damage to your body and spirit. In order to avoid the adulterants you need to be sure to drug test your pill to check out whether there are adulterants mixed with it or not. There is nothing to worry about the drug testing part because you do not have to visit a drug laboratory for the purpose. You can purchase drug testing reagents like Marquis reagent, Simon reagent and Mecke reagent from reliable sites on the internet and use them to ascertain the impurities in your pill.

Molly Effects

Since you are already aware of the molly abuse information that molly is a synthetic compound, you must also have deduced the fact that molly is not a natural antidepressant at all. This synthetic compound is often marketed as a natural antidepressant by the drug cartels in order to sell the drugs, but that does not make them natural. The molly pills do no t contain any organic or natural ingredients. The only reference to natural antidepressant in terms of molly can ne through serotonin, the feel good neurotransmitter that is secreted more in the brain under the influence of molly abuse effects.

Molly and Alcohol

If you are combining molly with alcohol, then also you are abusing the drug. Molly and alcohol are very much incompatible as they are completely different kinds of narcotics. Molly is a psychedelic drug and alcohol being a psychotropic one they just do not work in tune. In fact, the combined effects of molly comedown and alcoholic hangover can be quite distressing. The combined symptoms of such hangover-comedown may include constant nausea and headache, dizziness, sore eyes and achy joints that is probably going to last for more than a week after you have tried the combination.