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Fears about Antidepressants

Although antidepressants are the most commonly prescribed drug in the U.S, there are still a host of fears about antidepressants. Majority of people will not bother to inform their primary care doctor when they suffer from manic depression symptoms just for the reason that they are afraid, they will be prescribed antidepressants. Fears about antidepressants among people were found out through a valid research. The research also reveals that people who suffer the most are unlikely to ask for help. This is mainly due to the fears about antidepressants, they have in their mind.

Antidepressant Side Effects- How Severe Can They Be

Antidepressant side effects are different to different people and different depression types as well. In fact many people are shy to tell the world that they are suffering from mental depression. Even today we can come across cases where the person has just turned down life insurance because they had to consume antidepressants some years back. We can also see how someone is afraid to tell the boss about the past record. There are some side effects of antidepressants. They are as follows

•    A sick feeling
•    Lack of sex drive
•    Not able to achieve orgasm during masturbation or while having sex
•    Erectile dysfunction
•    Blurring of vision
•    Constipation
•    Feeling too sleepy or lack of sleep
•    Poor appetite
•    Sweating in excess

The antidepressant side effects mentioned above are the most common.

Antidepressant information- How to Collect

If you want to know if you are suffering from depression and want some help in the form of antidepressants, then it is time for you to first update yourself with the righ antidepressant information that can be of great help to you. Clinical depression is common and affects almost 7 percent of adults every year.

There are many websites that gives details about the possible causes of depression and the cure for the same through anti depressants.  When we browse through the antidepressant information, we can see how many people did not ever say they were suffering from depression as they knew they would be refereed to a psychiatrist.

Know More About Antidepressant Dangers

It is seen that the number of patients suffering from destructive outcomes are small, but without any medical treatment they are always without risk. Yes, it is true.  In recent years it has been found out that the antidepressant dangers can be anything ranging from sexual dysfunction to suicidal behavior. There are several drug makers who are instructed to add the warning symbol to indicate to the public about the serious dangers, especially the risk of suicide. The antidepressant dangers are more known to the public today and they are doubly careful before they go ahead to have these antidepressants. The public today are more aware and have begun to weigh the benefits and risks of having these anti depressants.

All patients and the clinicians should know about the potential problems, concerns and questions.