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GABA Dosage

There are many herbal remedies for depression and anxiety to help people get a firm control over their persistent feelings of hopelessness, sadness and low mood. These herbal remedies are available in many drugs these days to help people in this regard. Among all those medicines symptoms of ssri, GABA is one of the most effective herbal supplements for depression and anxiety.


Gamma- Amino Butyric Acid also known as GABA is a natural tranquilizer found in the human body. It is highly essential substance that plays a major role in supporting the proper brain functioning and do selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors increase the risk of bleeding. The human body naturally produces GABA from glutamic acid with the help of vitamin B6. It could be found in the form of tablets, powder and capsules thus offering great variety to the consumers.

If however, a deficiency of GABA occurs in the human body, then it could lead to many complications. Therefore, an individual would be required to take GABA supplements. The GABA dosage varies significantly from individual to individual depending on the condition. For instance, the GABA dosage would be different for the patient suffering from obesity if compared with the person suffering from hypertension.

GABA Dosage

Most of the medicines are recommended not be taken on an empty stomach but things are quite different with GABA. Patients are always recommended to take these herbal supplements for depression on an empty stomach after consulting their physician. There is not any recommended Daily Allowances of GABA supplement but instead different GABA dosages are recommended for different medical conditions. In case of discontinuing the GABA pharmacology dosage, the patient would not have to suffer any side effect. However, it is always recommended to use maximum 3g of GABA keeping in view that a mild sleepiness might occur after taking it.

Mainly people suffering from depression or sleep related problems might require higher doses of GABA whereas lower doses could be used in case of anxiety. The highest dose of GABA that could be used by a patient ranges from 250 mg to 500 mg daily but only those patients who are suffering from severe seizures or other chronic pains could use it. This higher dose would be required by a patient to sue thrice a day. On the other hand, if a person is required to take only one dose of GABA than it shouldn’t exceed 750mg.

Depression is the most common condition these days therefore, many manufacturers in pharmaceuticals companies are bringing different medicines to help patients get rid of it. Recently, it has been found that GABA could also be used for treatment of depression but results that are more positive are found in anxiety.

Both children and adults could use GABA. Mainly children suffering from ADHD take this supplement depending on their age and weight. Half a capsule to six capsules should be taken by children before breakfast, afternoon and at night before going to bed. Key progress could also be found in developing GABA pharmacology in recent years. It mainly consists of non-sedative anxiolytics, selective hypnotics, power analgesics and memory enhancers.