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The feeling of hopelessness is something each one of us has experienced quite a few times in our lifetimes. While there is nothing abnormal about having these feelings once in a while, if hopelessness of our thought process, the risk of psychological disorders is inevitable. In fact, hopelessness is known to be one of the leading symptoms of clinical depression and something like interpersonal therapy is suggested. It is therefore necessary to take this state of mind quite seriously if it becomes a pattern.

Signs of Hopelessness

The following are a few tell-tale signs of hopelessness:

– The looming feeling that things will never look up
– A sense of no possibility to finding solutions to your problems
– One feels that there will never be a chance to feel happy again
– Inability to get over a traumatic event that has taken place
– Things never seem to be improving
– The willingness to give up

These signs of hopelessness are quite common in everyday life but for some, this becomes the set pattern of thinking and this is when intervention is a must.

Types Of Hopelessness

Apart from being aware of the signs of hopelessness, one must also be clearly aware of the different types of hopelessness. The following are a few of them:

Alienation From Loved Ones

Feeling hopeless can extend to the level of loved ones as well. Many individuals get the feeling that they have been cut loose and that there will never be a chance to be loved and wanted again. In this state of mind, individuals tend to get depressed and lose all hope of feeling loved again. This feeling of being forsaken may seem very normal but it can have damaging effects on the mind.

Feeling Uninspired and Powerless

Another form of feeling hopeless comes when an individual feels that he/she has no power to steer life events any more. Trying something like yoga for mood boost would be an ideal activity. This often happens when individuals fail to meet set targets on a repeated basis and lose confidence in their selves. From a similar source also comes the feeling of being uninspired. Repeated failure in life leads people towards the dark pit of lack of motivation which kills all inspirations and aspirations. From underprivileged minorities to people whose efforts have been thwarted at a workplace, anyone can undergo this feeling.

Oppression and Limitedness

Feeling hopeless can be a state of mind for an individual or an entire group of people. Oppression is usually the cause for a large group of people feeling hopeless. This usually builds over a period of years when a group of people have been supressed and exploited relentlessly. Similarly when their efforts towards survival are constantly thwarted, the feeling of limitedness also creeps in.

There are several other kinds of hopelessness that are quite prevalent amongst people. Take the feeling of doom for example. Many people detected with terminal diseases undergo utter hopelessness because of the realization of their imminent death. These issues of hopelessness often build in an individual’s mind before they blow up as a full-fledged psychological disorder. It is therefore necessary to address the problem that moment it seems to be forming a predictable pattern.