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How Does 5HTP Benefit Depression Sufferers And Insomniacs

5HTP is the most commonly available natural antidepressant today. Basically a chemical compound produced in the body when an amino acid, tryptophan, is transformed into other compounds seratonin information. The mode of action of this natural antidepressant is to increase the levels of serotonin in the body. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that along with other such chemicals produces some changes in the body. The overall effect of these substances is a better feeling in the person which ultimately helps fighting depression and other symptoms associated with it like insomnia.

5HTP Information

It is a well known piece of 5HTP information that this compound helps fighting the most common depression symptoms and also what are symptoms of selective serotonin reuptake enhancers.  This compound basically increases the level of serotonin in the body which is an essential requirement for a feeling of well being. Most people today have lower blood serotonin levels and hence suffer from problems like obesity, depression, insomnia, fatigue etc. 5HTP regulates these levels and helps the person to fight them. Since depression and insomnia are both a result of abnormal serotonin levels, this single natural antidepressant can work for both these problems. Otherwise a safe drug, 5HTP side effects are minimal. With hardly any sort of harmful effects on the body, this natural antidepressant is a sort of wonder drug for most people suffering from depression symptoms including difficulty in sleeping.

5HTP Side Effects

But still, there are certain 5HTP side effects that need to be mentioned along with rest of the 5HTP information. Years of study on this drug have revealed that this drug is definitely not very harmful for the body. But still, list of 5HTP side effects is of an unenviable length. Gastrointestinal troubles top this list. 5HTP has been reported to produce some unfavorable effects on the normal functioning of the digestive system. Even in combined form like 5HTP ecstasy and 5HTP MDMA, these troubles are at a notably high level. Besides this, troubles are cardiovascular problems, developing anorexic capacity, lung and liver diseases and serious problems like hemophilia- are all included in the list of 5HTP side effects.

5HTP Antidepressant

Incidentally, for most people 5HTP information is restricted to its uses as an antidepressant. Very few people are aware about other uses that can be made with this chemical. Since the basic function of this drug is to produce the ‘happy’ feeling in the body, in medical terms it has vast potential. But somewhere along the line, its other uses were invented as well, most common of which is its combination with drugs and used in form of 5HTP ecstasy and 5HTP MDMA. Both these chemical substances are used for purpose of drug abuse, mainly by young people. However, 5HTP has been used in association with them to mask certain after effects. It is a common knowledge among regular users of 5HTP ecstasy and 5HTP MDMA that using 5HTP before or after intake of these drugs helps them fight the depression symptoms that generally occur once the temporary high from the drugs has subsided.

It may be the clinical depression and insomnia or the one induced by the drugs, 5HTP has been found effective in treating them both mainly due to its biochemical action on the neurotransmitter serotonin. However, some discretion is always advised while letting any external chemicals run through your body.