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Immune System and Depression

When most of us think of psychological disorders, we think of them to be rather independent from physiological disorders like OCD. Since the symptoms of these two types of diseases are organically different, it is normal to fall in this pattern of thought. However, a deeper look into disorders such as depression point to the fact there exists a clear relation between the body and the mind. The immune system and depression are closely linked as one factor has a profound effect on the other.

Immunne System and Depression

The best way to understand the link between your immune system and something like clinical depression is to take a close look at any patient of depression. Depression is the primary cause for an increase in the production of various stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol and several other substances such as interleukin-6 which are inflammatory in nature. The increase in production of these hormones and substances can be largely responsible from bringing down the body’s capacity to repair itself. This link between your immune system and depression is long established as a number of patients suffering from depression also tend to suffer from many other health problems directly caused by a weak immune system. The link between your immune system and depression is a clear pointer towards the fact that a healthy mind precedes a healthy body and the vice-versa is also true.

Weak Immune System

This is how it works the other way round. People suffering from a weak immune system often suffer from many diseases in quick succession. This stalls their physical, emotional and psychological progress in many ways. In fact, this also impairs their social capabilities which can play a major role in causing depression. Once a person suffers from continuous illnesses due to a weak immune system, one’s self confidence is bound to take a beating. In this case, it is very easy for a person to fall into the clutches of depression. This way, immune system and depression are deeply connected whichever way you look at it.

In Relating to Depression

Then again, there are always the controversial correlations drawn explaining the immune system effects towards depression. Several researchers believe that depression, induced at the genetic level, has aided evolution as it increased the body’s capacity to fight infections. While this proposition is not the least controversial one in the medical one, it surely arouses a lot of interest towards the direction of immune system effects towards depression.

Without getting too far into the lesser tangible theories, it is sufficient to stick to the direct immune system effects towards depression. Scientists have maintained that living healthy and free from diseases and infections is a great way to begin the battle against depression. Common sense demands a healthy body in order to strive towards a healthy mind. This, if nothing else, is a clear pointer towards the necessity of keeping your body as well as mind in healthy shape so one can promote good health in the other. Research studies into depression are going to reveal new facts on a regular basis but the basics are going to remain more or less unscathed.