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Induced Depression

Substance Induced Depression either comes up during the consumption of a drug or after you stop consuming one. The mood changes can last for days or even weeks. While illegal drugs generally cause depression, there are a few legitimate ones as well that cause the same as a side effect. Substance Induced Depression can make one feel sad, hopeless and uninterested. A few cases also results in coming up of maniac symptoms where one feels overexcited and is not able to control his actions. In case you were already suffering from a depression before consuming a drug and it just made it worse, it cannot be termed as Substance Induced Depression.

Drugs and Mood Relation

The very first thing to understand about Substance Induced Depression is that certain drugs affect the number of neurotransmitters or chemical messengers as present in the nervous system. Two of the most important of these are serotonin and dopamine. Just the right amounts of these are necessary for the nervous system to function properly. Any rise or fall can lead to mood problems and many drugs upset the balance.

Some of the common medicines that cause mood problems during their use include

•    Decongestants
•    Amphetamines
•    Inhalants
•    Anti anxiety medicines
•    Steroids
•    Blood Pressure Stabilizing medicines

Some of the common substances that cause mood problems during use and after withdrawal include

•    Cocaine
•    Alcohol
•    Marijuana
•    Hallucinogens
•    Opiates
•    Sedatives

Other than these, birth control pills, acne medicines and a few antibiotics are also known to cause depression.

About Substance Induced Depression Symptoms

Other than feeling sad and uninterested in things, the symptoms include

•    Irritation
•    Troubles Sleep
•    Reduced Appetite
•    Low Energy Levels
•    Reduced Sexual Desire
•    Feeling of Guilt and Worthlessness
•    Feeling of Hopelessness
•    Suicide Tendency
•    Pain in Back, Head or Abdomen

Another point to note about Substance Induced Depression is that the same can lead to maniac periods as well. The symptoms are quite different in the case and include

•    Tendency to Talk very Fast
•    Trouble in Concentrating on Anything
•    Restlessness
•    Hyper activeness
•    Burst of High Interest in Sexual Activity
•    Irritation
•    Lack of Sleep

Herbal Supplements for Substance Induced Depression

While Psychotherapy and Community Support groups are quite common when it comes to the issue, herbal supplements for Substance Induced Depression certainly provides the best alternative. There are some renowned natural supplements in the market that are known to be quite effective against Substance Induced Depression. The ingredients of these product releases Niacin along with other vitamins and minerals, which are essential to regulate the amount of chemical messengers or neurotransmitters in the brain including serotonin and dopamine.