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Is Gardening a Good Method of Relieving Depression

Gardening has always been a very popular hobby. Many people like to have kitchen gardens. It can be a very good way of diverting one’s mind from the worries of a stressful life and do something productive. Some even get attached to the plants which they grow themselves. Sowing the seeds and watching them sprout from the ground can be very soothing and liberating. Plants help us get some fresh air. They reward one’s hard work through the fresh fruits and vegetables which grow on them; being in the company of beautiful blooming flowers can fill one’s mind with elation. Some have started relating this activity to be a dl-phenylalanine natural antidepressant.

Antidepressant Activities

Several antidepressant activities are believed to aid in relieving stress and depression. Among the scientific circles the question whether such practices do trigger an electro-chemical reaction in the brain is debatable and also is there information available about hypnosis for depression. Many people claim to have personally experienced that antidepressant activities changes  one’s mood towards the positive. Many of them believe that the hobbies such as gardening help them feel calm and pleasant. It has always been suggested to spend more time in the nature for a healthier and more peaceful lifestyle. The search for natural antidepressant has garnered a lot of interest among the masses in order to avoid subjecting one’s body to the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

Reasons For Depression

A person is said to be in a depressed state of mind if he starts feeling gloomy and inadequate. Such a person feels hopeless and pessimistic and loses all the interest in working. The biggest sign of depression is a lifestyle with despondent lack of activity. Gardening is an activity associated with life and productivity. Of all the antidepressant activities, gardening can perhaps prove to be the most effective one.

Medicines For Depression

There are many medicines which can temporarily trigger the brain in such a way that a depressed person starts feeling ecstatic for some time. However, the side effects of such drugs have prevented them from being the first choice. There is also a strong possibility of getting addicted to them.  Thus, people try to find other options that have a more healthy result. They seek a more permanent cure for their problem. Very little antidepressant activities information is available, and the authenticity of such claims often comes in question because they have no possible scientific backing. Due to this reason, the awareness about such things in the public is minimal. However, these provide a more permanent solution to a person in a depressed state of mind without any other side effects.

Unlike drugs, they also are a cheaper alternative. Gardening has several other advantages other than its antidepressant effects. Hence, it is suggested that it will be beneficial to try out practicing gardening. It will have a positive effect on the life and mind and provide a healthier alternative to cure one’s problems.