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Low Testosterone and Depression

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for the male features. It is this hormone which cracks the makes voice at puberty and gives him the masculine features like muscles, hairy chest, sexual activity etc.  In middle age and later during 40, the testosterone starts declining gradually and serotonin and depression effects are seen. When this happens there is a decline in sexual activity in men followed by fatigue, irritability and anger. There is a relationship between much low testosterone and depression.  Doctors feel this cannot be possible as depression is caused by various other symptoms. Infect some doctor’s feel that depression can lower the testosterone levels in men.

Low Testosterone Effects

Low testosterone effects can be offset by therapy. Some psychological factor like specific phobia can cause depression and low testosterone signs are can increase. Antidepressant medications help to offset low testosterone signs. Even though it is called a male hormone women need testosterone too in small amounts which help to maintain her muscle strength and bone. Sometimes after menopause there is low testosterone causing depression in women, and she is tired and lacks libido.

Low Testosterone Causing Depression

If you have Low testosterone signs, they can be increased naturally. Raising the testosterone levels are important. Young males want to look skinny and hence starve their bodies of exercise and food. Their testosterone levels drop and then they start getting womanly features or loss of libido and become depressed. Low testosterone effects can creep slowly and because of this in the initial stages men tend to ignore the symptoms. Some men think it is just a way of functioning poorly and feel useless. That is why there is a link between low testosterone and depression. Apart from the libido low testosterone causing depression of the mind affects the muscles, brain and blood levels too. Even the erectile strength is sometimes affected. No wonder depression occurs. You don’t care for anything and you just exist.

Waiting too Long For Treatment

Sadly many men wait until they even reach impotence. Again this is a vicious cycle. With impotence due to low testosterone signs depression follows.   In a recent study at Boston University it was observed that the penile muscle fiber is guarded and protected by testosterone. The reason why low testosterone can cause depression is because it puts your relationship with your spouse or partner in jeopardy. This in turn affects your work and career.  This accounts for the link between low testosterone and depression.  Men also tend to be sleep deprived when the testosterone levels are low and symptom which can lead to depression if it continues over a long period of time.

Low testosterone effects are severe because it is extremely important part of the male body. If the levels are low there is no harm in using a substitute and this is essential and not abuse.  You are just trying to get your hormones back. Symptoms of low testosterone causing depression will go away if the levels are corrected. You are doing it to get your life back not to run in the marathon the next Olympics. Hence when in doubt go to the doctor and get the testosterone tested.