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Measuring Stress

Each one of us goes through a certain amount of stress and pressures in life which are completely normal and even necessary for proper development. While normal amounts of stress are alright and even necessary, if stress gets out of hand or a depression relapse occurs, it can be a cause of physical as well as psychological ailments. It is very important to keep a close watch on stress levels and the causes of these stressors so you can maintain a good amount of control over these stress levels. Again, considering the fact that stress affects different people in different ways, it becomes that much more important to keep a close watch on stress.

For measuring stress on a broader level, it is necessary to take a good introspective look at your life. The following are a few questions you need to ask yourself when measuring stress in your life.

Your Family, Job And Personal Status

First and foremost, you need to take a realistic look at your personal life and family statue. Are you facing any relationship problems that have become a cause of daily worry? If this is the case, you can demarcate it as a significant stressor. Secondly, you must check if you are taking care of an elderly person who is disabled or has chronic health problems. Apart from this, you must ask yourself if you are also taking care of a family member who is under stress.

Lastly, get a realistic assessment of the status of your job or workplace. Are you going through significant stress levels at work? If so, you must be able to spot the reason behind the problem like psychodynamic therapy

does. While some of us face problems at work due to maladjustment with co-workers, for others it is usually an autocratic senior. Find out where your problem qualifies so you can work on methods for reducing stress.

Apart from these regular sources of stress, you should also ask yourself if you have gone through any major life event that has had an impact on your life. Anything from a new marriage to shifting to a new city can have a stressing effect on you so it is important to look at these factors as well when measuring stress.

Immediate Signs Of Stress

Another great way for reducing stress is to look for immediate, biological signs of stress. The following are a few signs the body gives out when you are under immediate and threatening stress.

– Muscle tension tends to increase during stressful moments

– The temperature of your palms tend to drop substantially when under stress

– Sweating is another common sign of an individual undergoing a stressful situation

– Stressed out individuals also experience rapid breathing with a high pulse rates

Once you spot any of these symptoms of stress, it is important that you take the required measures for reducing stress. Taking control of your thoughts, breathing easy and meditating are perhaps the easiest ways to tackle the immediate, threatening effects of stress. In the long run, you can try meditation, several hobbies, exercise and many other methods to handle the effects of stress.