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Molly Hangover The First Time

Molly is a more pure form of ecstacy which is used for mood altering effects. They are structural analogues and famous party drugs. Let us first understand the effects of molly. This drug leads to the alteration of natural antidepressant in the brain. Their effect on natural antidepressant levels is temporary. It lasts for about 4-6 hours effectively. The total experience is for about 8 hours but actually enjoyed experience is of 4-6 hours. It causes feeling of high emotions. You become more expressive. You become more attentive to the surrounding. You enjoy music, dance and in general experience a feeling of euphoria. All these effects are felt after the use of one pill of molly.

Molly Hangover Effects

Once this molly effects start subsiding, you start feeling negative and extreme opposite feelings that you enjoyed immediately after when you consumed the pill. This means now there is onset of molly hangover effects. These are all negative feelings due to sudden depletion of natural antidepressant in the brain. You may experience various molly hangover effects based on your weight, age etc. This is because most of the psychedelic drugs behave weirdly within the body. Their behavior within each individual may be completely different. Molly hangover leads to depressed feeling. Especially if there is lot of gap between two doses then person may suffer depression related symptoms. One might feel emotionally low and irritated. Molly hangover compared to ecstacy is worse because it is much stronger drug. Its effects are more pronounced than that of ecstacy. It is highly hallucinogenic. You may experience imaginary state immediately with molly. Hence molly hangover cure as well is much difficult. Most information available through various studies about molly hangover effects states that it causes gastric upset, dilation of pupils, water retention and limbic arousal.

Molly Hangover Cure

There may be few temporary molly hangover cure suggested. Though the hangover can be so worse and may remain up to 4-6 days after use. The effects on the heart are much serious. It may cause increased blood pressure. It may lead to loss of appetite. It can cause insomnia. It may make you feel dizzy and nauseated all the time. The uneasiness combined with depression may not be worth the pleasure that you would enjoy. In fact there is much molly hangover information which suggests that the molly hangover cure is much difficult if consumed with some other hallucinogenic drugs.

Molly hangover information available so far suggests that there may be bad hangover even after using single pill of ecstacy molly. Certain effects it would have on your heart would be serious hangover effects. Moreover molly hangover information is not known by many users. They may take it with least care and without consulting doctor and therefore may suffer severe hangover leading to extremely uneasy health condition. These psychotropic drugs should be used only with prescription. Their use for mere fun and joy may lead you to severe depression. It might impair the natural processes of brain. Many molly hangover effects of these drugs are still not well studied due to the complex mechanism involved.