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Panic Disorder Symptoms

A panic attack, as the term suggests is a sudden attack that is caused due to fear or anxiety. When you experience panic attack, your heart pounds and it would appear that you are unable to breathe. In fact you will feel that you are going to die or go crazy. If the panic attack is left untreated it can lead to various other health problems like drugs and depression. Well, you may ask, if there are any prominent panic disorder symptoms. Yes, there are some panic disorder symptoms that are seen in many people. The first symptom is the person will withdraw from normal activities.

Panic Disorder Information

Left untreated, panic attacks can lead to panic disorder and other problems. Once the panic disorder symptoms are seen in the person, it is important to get it cured as soon as possible. With timely and proper treatment, it is possible to reduce or eliminate the panic disorder symptoms and get a control of your life.

Signs of Panic Disorder

In many cases, you cannot see panic disorder signs and it can come out of the blue without any warning. Of course for panic attacks there is no clear reason why the attack is happening. Without any panic disorder signs it can even happen when the person is in a relaxed state or when they are asleep. If the person is lucky they can see the panic disorder signs that can help him in this further course of treatment.

Isolated Panic Attacks

In some cases, a panic attack may just happen once but in some cases many people experience the same many times within few days or months. If the panic attacks are recurrent you need to check the triggering factors. For example a person may get panic attack if they go to a specific situation, like crossing a bridge or while speaking in public.

So these factors can be helpful in identifying the source and giving him/her the apt treatment. When the person is experiencing panic attack, they feel they are in danger and unable to get out from the situation. You may be a healthy although at times you may experience panic attacks. Regardless of the triggering factors for panic attacks, they are treatable. There are many treatments and strategies that can help you deal with these symptoms. Panic disorder effects can be different for different people. For some the effects can be mild while for others it can be severe. Panic attacks usually strike when you are not at home, although there is no fixed time or place to experience panic attacks.

List of Panic Disorder Symptoms

The symptoms of a panic attack develop any time in an abrupt fashion and will reach the peak within 10 minutes. Majority of panic attacks end within 20 to 30 minutes, and they rarely last more than an hour.

Panic disorder effects in a fully blown attack include the following or a combination of the following symptoms:

•    Feeling short of breath
•    Palpitations or feel like heart racing fast
•    Pain in the Chest or discomfort
•    Shaking or Trembling
•    Feeling detached from your surroundings
•    Nausea and Sweating
•    Feeling of dizziness or feeling light-headed
•    Tingling sensations or Numbness
•    Fear of death or feeling like you are going to lose control

To minimize the panic disorder effects it is better to get in touch with your doctor and get the right cure.