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Recommended Dose of Gotu Kola for Depression

The gotu kola herb has been used for ages to treat a number of mental and physical conditions by ayurvedic and traditional healers. However in recent years there has been a growing interest in the role gotu kola ecstasy herb is playing in fighting the symptoms of mental health disorders such as depression and licorice for anxiety. Before you can start using this herb to fight depression in the form of a natural antidepressant it is necessary you have the right gotu kola information to know its benefits and properties.

Gotu Kola Uses

The gotu kola  is a herb that closely resembles parsley and is actually a member of the parsley family. The herb is native to the eastern countries such as India, China and Indonesia. According to gotu kola information and university studies the herb is normally referred to as the fountain of life due to the legend that an herbalist in china lived for nearly 200 years due to this herb and will licorice cause weight gain. However in recent times gotu kola ecstasy is mainly used by Chinese and ayurvedic traditional medicines to alleviate anxiety and depression while it also helps heal wounds faster and alleviate stress while it can also be one of the best natural antidepressant. Moreover studies have also found less to no guto kola side effects when used in the right dosage.

Gotu Kola Natural Antidepressant

Depression has become one of the major health epidemics. According to WHO depression affects nearly 121 million people throughout the world and is also a leading cause for disability. Some symptoms of depression include hopelessness, lack of self-worth, changes in appetite and sleep patterns, irritability and unexplained pains and aches, relationship difficulties, feelings of sadness, frequent tearfulness and even suicidal thoughts. It could also become worse if left untreated. Therefore depression is usually treated with medication and psychotherapy. Apart form just natural antidepressant.  However there is also growing interest in using herbal supplements as the possible alternative treatment for people in depression and gotu kola MDMA is also one of the highly recommended herb.

Gotu Kola Information

However it is necessary that you have the right gota kola information when it comes to dosage in order to avoid any gotu kola side effects. This herb is usually available in the form of teas while you can also find it in the form of dried herbs, capsules, tinctures, ointments and tablets. Gotu kola ecstasy should be stored in dry and cool place and used before the expiry date. However it is not recommended for individuals who are below 18 years old. The dosage of gotu kola can vary based on the condition that is treated and your health care provider should be able to help you in choosing the right dosage. Gotu kola can also be used for alleviate depression and your physician can help you with the right dosage for the same. Make sure you just consume the right dosage as over dose can lead to sever health problems and gotu kola side effects.