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Remedies for Depression

If you think there are no remedies for depression other than drugs then you should not worry anymore, you might not be aware of it but many depression natural remedies are quite helpful and even in some cases they are more efficient and effective then drugs and medications natural alternatives for depression. The natural depression remedies can be exactly what you need. The good thing about these remedies is that they are safe and they have no side effects at all. If you go see a doctor then he will advise you to follow these remedies as well.


Exercise if one of the best remedies for depression. Depression makes you feel down and low, you stay away from people and start to confine yourself in your house. If you are a teenager then you must be spending a lot of time in four walls of your room 5 htp and depression. You usually do not have enough energy and even if you do then you would be directing it on useless matters. With exercise, you can do something productive and enhance your mood. A brisk walk around the block will allow you to ease your mind and meet a few people.

You can also go down to the park on your bicycle and move around. You can take all your aggression out and for the first time in many days, you would be able to think clearly. Although most of the time people have a tough time admitting that they have depression problems, a good nice exercise routine will allow you to see your problems and you will be able to handle them without the need of any depression remedies. Try to jog or cycle around a park for at least thirty to sixty minutes in the morning this will be one of the best depression natural remedies.


If you have minor or mild depression then it is possible that you have a deficiency of magnesium in your body. Even though this case is very rare but eating food with magnesium can be one of the best remedies for depression. As magnesium is one of the most important minerals our body needs, it will always do you good if taken in small to medium amounts. The good thing is that you can get the right amount of this mineral with several foods. You do not have to take pills to get the right amount of magnesium in your body.

To follow the depression remedies you would have to eat food such as nuts, seeds, pumpkin, almonds, sunflower, cashew nuts, sesame seeds, black beans, soybeans, navy beans, lima beans, spinach, Swiss chard, kale, collard greens and all kinds of whole grains. If you take three hundred grams of magnesium every day then you can get rid of your depression in a matter of few weeks. You will start to get better in the first week. However, before you follow any of the mentioned above depression natural remedies you must consult your doctor.