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Sleeping Pills and Depression

When it comes to mood disorders, the only thing you can be sure of is a high amount of complexity. Specially in the case of a disorder such as depression, causes and symptoms are very easy to mix up. This is exactly why there is quite a lot of confusion regarding the correlation between depression and sleep disorders and what comes first. Sleeping pills and depression are often linked for the reason that depressed patients often suffer from insomnia and sleep depression. A lack of tryptophan in your diet can be a problem. This sleeping pills and depression correlation leads psychologists and psychiatrists to look deeper into the connection.

Relation Between Sleeping Pills and Depression

The relationship between sleeping pills and depression is often only looked under the context of depression causing sleeping problems. However, a lot of studies have also proven that depression can in fact be worsened by the side effects of sleeping pills. This link between sleeping pills and depression is a worrying factor for many because sleeping pills have since long been used to counter insomnia caused by depression. A lot of times it’s better to go with a natural solution for sleep trouble like Valerian Root. This link between sleeping pills and depression is often worsened because of the misconceptions around sleep requirement. Most of us believe that every individual needs at least 8 hours of sleep. However, the thing about sleep requirements is that each individual requires a different amount of sleep. Most healthy adults can make do with 6-7 hours of sleep in fact.

In fact, studies prove that people who sleep for under 7 hours in a day tend to live longer than those who cross the 8 hours mark.

Importance of Sleep

This misplaced understanding about sleep requirement leads people to worry if this quota is not completed. This leads them towards the indiscriminate use of sleeping pills which also have some serious side effects. Apart from some obvious physical symptoms, the link between sleeping pills and depression is also becoming increasingly clear. This link between sleeping pills and depression calls for the requirement for people to be more careful when resorting to these and other kinds of pills.

Sleeping Pills Effects

Just like alcohol and drug abuse, even sleeping pills can make people highly dependent. So, moment these individuals are forced to lay off sleeping pills in order to get some sleep, they get overly anxious which leads to depletion of energy. This, eventually leads to depressive feelings more often than not. In fact, as studies of sleeping pills effects on depression are progressing, deeper, physiological connections are also emerging.

These sleeping pills effects on depression are leading an increasing number of people to look for alternatives for balanced sleep cycles. Instead of relying on sleeping pills for sleep, one must look for alternative methods such as meditation and a healthy lifestyle to get the right amounts of sleep. Something as simple as tiring yourself to the required amounts in a day can help you get the right amount of sleep. In addition to this, exercise and a healthy lifestyle is a great way to counter the effects of depression as well. So, the next time you worry about sleeping pills effects on depression, make sure you keep these alternative approaches in min as well.