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Stress Related Effects On Your Body

Things run in a smooth and appropriate way until we are responding adequately and courageously towards life threatening situations. If we will start responding in an incongruous way towards stress in our life, then maladjustment occurs. Life sometimes takes a U-turn and we face great difficulty to adjust in a certain situation. Therefore, maladjustment is actually the result of our own personal ineffectiveness and incompetence. Our life will be as good as we react towards the demands of stress in lives.

However, stress is a part of everyone’s life. It is an unavoidable mental state for most of us and a desire for treating stress. Although we are aware of the negative aspects of stress, still we are unable to keep us away from it. Stress can take its toll in a couple of ways; it can produce both psychological and biological consequences. There are so many things happening around you, some you do yourself, the rest is done by the society – all these happening puts stress on you and in this way stress effects on your body, disturb your social functioning. However, the immediate stress effects on your body are biological one.

Effects Of Stress On Body

Stress varies from situation to situation from mild to moderate levels. However, if it is left unchecked it can bring serious consequences for you. Chronic stress can have more significant effects on your life than the acute one. Nevertheless, in routine life when you are under stress, people end up giving a statement it is “JUST” stress. This explains that stress is a common mental state that is not taken up seriously by the people. You might think of it as an emotional state but you are not aware about harmful stress effects on your body. Stress, which is left uncontrolled turns out to be in a state of “distress” and it can bring mild to moderate physical ailments to you.

Nonetheless, when your sympathetic nervous system refuses to cope with a stressful situation in an effective way, the problem arises. As a result, the continuous secretion of stress hormones affects your overall functioning and you will feel upset, irritated, down and sick. However, stress usually affects your body when you make major changes in your life. There are several causes of stress including, daily hassles, pressure, conflict, pressure, frustration, lack of resources, behavior of society, time constraints, failure, loss of loved ones, discriminatory behavior,  post-traumatic stress disorders and many more.

Natural Remedies For Stress

On the other hand, if you are determined to face threatening situations of life, you will be able to cope with stress easily and a mood disorder remedy. For this purpose your personal effectiveness and competence is a necessary part. However, there are so many stresses natural remedies, which are effective and efficient in providing you relaxation and peace of mind. These stress natural remedies have no harmful effects on your health and most of them are a part of defense mechanism. Quite often, you are using them in your daily life unconsciously at different stages. These stress natural remedies directs your behavior from negative to positive ones. Sublimation, regression, repression, denial, projection and catharsis – all of these are a part of stress natural remedies.