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Agitated Depression Symptoms

There are many types of depression and it can be a difficult process to diagnose the exact type of problem the person is suffering from. Depression disorder symptoms for any of these types are quite similar and often mimic one another. However, agitated depression can show specific symptoms. In other types of depression like catatonic depression, the patient feels very tired and drained; however in agitated depression, the person feels irritated, angry, anxious and restless. Agitation is a common symptom for any type of depression disorder. In case of agitated depression, it is more severe. Understanding Agitated Depression Symptoms Relationship and financial problems are the major factors causing agitated depression. Understanding agitated depression symptoms is crucial for determining the treatment option. If a person experiences irritability, anger and agitation for several days, he/she may suffer from agitated depression. Handwringing Handwringing is one of the obvious agitation depression symptoms. The person wrings his/her hands by rubbing them in an angry way. Outbursts of Anger and Yelling The person may get angry and yell without any reason. Everyday occurrence may seem problematic to him/her and he/she may not feel that he/she cannot handle it. Insomnia The person may suffer from trouble sleeping. Sleeping problem can even aggravate the disorder. Excessive Talking Talking excessively about one or more topics may be an indication of agitated depression. The person may talk for hours and may get louder while conversing with others. Pulling on Hair, Skin or Clothing Pulling on hair, skin or clothing is ...

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Agitated Depression

Agitated depression is a disorder characterized by irritability and restlessness. Though agitation occurs in many types of depressive disorders, it is more severe in case of agitated depression. Middle aged and elderly are the most common group of people experiencing this disorder. Many studies reveal that relationship and financial problems are the major factors triggering this condition and one like existential depression for example. Death of a loved one, job loss or a chronic illness could also cause this type of depression. Types of Agitated Depression One of the important things to know about agitated depression is its types.  The disorder can fall into any of the following three types • Psychotic agitated depression- It is the severe type of depression disorder. • Non-psychotic agitated depression- this type refers to the condition in which the individual suffers from moderate depression and agitated symptoms. • Excited Agitated Depression- Racing thoughts and psychic agitation characterize this type of disorder. Causes of Agitated Depression What causes the condition is another essential thing to know about agitated depression. Chronic illness, excessive use of alcohol or drugs, relationship problems, too much stress in the work, diseases related to central nervous system, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, dementia, Schizophrenia, reactive depression, brain tumor, brain abscess and heart diseases are some of the common factors that contribute to this condition. Symptoms of Agitated Depression Another crucial thing to know about agitated depression is its symptoms. Understanding the symptoms is important for diagnosing the condition correctly. If you experience at ...

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