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Anger Symptoms

All of us are aware that anger is a normal emotion of any human being. However, the real skill lies in knowing the difference between normal anger and abnormal anger. Well, there are many anger symptoms with the help of which we can easily identify if we are within our normal range or not. Anger symptoms can be different for males and females along with the treatment like enhancers for mood. Recognizing the anger symptoms at the right stage can help any individual. By recognizing the anger symptoms, men can know the right time to take correct measures just to make sure the level of anger does not go out of control. With the help of the anger symptoms, men can also reflect the level of anger and it is a helpful tool to anger management or via phone therapy for example. However, at any point of time it is important to remember that anger symptoms men and anger symptoms women need not be the same. Anger Symptoms in Women •    Muscles tension unconsciously. •    Grinding of the teeth •    Increase in the rate of breathing •    Face turning red and visibility of veins leading to an increase in the blood pressure •    Face turning pale •    Sweating •    Goosebumps Anger symptoms women again need not be the same for all. In some rare cases the following symptoms can also be seen •    Explosive outbursts •    Rapid harsh statements •    Aggressive and Passive behaviors •    Withdrawal from the society •   ...

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