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Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety always go hand in hand. They may sound like they are poles apart but are almost the same as is evident with the fact that patients diagnosed with depression also suffer from anxiety. When we look at the connection between depression and anxiety, we find that both these conditions can be life debilitating. Together they can be hard to identify, treat and live with. Those who are in the grip of mental instability strongly experience the depression and anxiety similarities and feel that their misery is never ending. This however is not true. It is possible to effectively manage anxiety and depression with the right antidepressants and treatment administered at the right time. Anxiety And Depression Symptoms One of the strongest symptoms manifested in patients suffering from acute depression is a feeling of profound helplessness, discouragement and hopelessness. Anxiety leads to a condition where the suffer experiences overwhelming physical symptoms like difficulty in breathing, tightness in the chest and a pounding heart. Patients suffering from depression and anxiety also exhibit severe symptoms that are life debilitating. They are prone to be suicidal and have trouble finding the right treatment. Treating Anxiety And Depression Effectively It is easier to treat anxiety and depression if each condition occurs independently. In combination, doctors find it difficult diagnosing the condition and working out an effective treatment schedule. Patients require closer monitoring and prolonged, intensive treatment.  Patients can also opt for herbal alternatives like SAM-e supplement. After determining the connection between depression ...

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