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Avoiding Stress

The biggest problem with the question avoiding stress is actually being able to define the problem itself. Science defines stress as the result of failure to respond to any emotional or physical threat, be it real or imaginary. That being said there is no definite way for avoiding stress and measuring this problem. Most people experience some amount of stress and depression in family. this is usually attributed to a resultant deviation from their everyday routine. There are times though when these stress levels go to very high levels. Avoiding stress becomes crucial as it can trigger various other effects. The effects of elevated levels of stress can manifest in many ways like:- •    Poor or disturbed sleep •    Impatience or Irritability •    Lack of concentration •    Increased intake of alcohol or nicotine •    Inability to relax •    Constant feeling of being tense Stress buildup has its own timelines depending on the situation. It could flare up quickly like when one is stuck in traffic and is running late for a meeting. It could worsen over a period of time like a long and difficult work project. Reducing stress can be done in various ways. The first way is to first address the fact that such a problem exists. Most people brush it off thinking its normal to feel stress and don’t realize that ongoing stress without proper attention will result in both physical and mental breakdown. Reducing Stress Ways for reducing stress- Start first by making a list, a ...

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