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Loneliness is an emotion that is global and in spite of that it is really complex and different for each individual. Loneliness does not have one single cause that can be common to all and can be cured from a depression and exercise standpoint. Because of its uniqueness the treatment and prevention of the same vary dramatically. Loneliness can become extremely damaging if proper medication and treatment is not given at the right time. Defining Loneliness There are many definitions for loneliness that describe it as a state of being alone or in perfect solitude and the absence of laughter. Loneliness creates a feeling of emptiness in people and makes them feel alone and unwanted. People who feel lonely often look for human contact, but unfortunately they are in a state that makes it difficult for them to connect or touch base with other people. Many experts feel that loneliness is not about being alone. It is the imagination of staying alone or isolated from others and this is the thing that matters most. Loneliness is related to genetics. Other factors that are involved include situational variables, like physical isolation, shifting to a new location or divorce. The death of a close friend or a family member also can affect a person and lead him to experience loneliness. Loneliness in many cases is a symptom of a mental disorder like depression. Understanding Loneliness Symptoms Understanding loneliness symptoms is not an easy task. There are lots of challenges when it comes ...

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