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Mental Stress

We have heard it many times that when we are under stress it is important to recognize the root cause or the source of the problem. Once the problem is identified, it becomes easy to give solutions like interpersonal therapy to help with the problem. However, this is not an easy task. Today we are used to live with stress that we do not know how to identify the same. We can never make out that we are under stress as we get used to live with it. If you are experiencing short-term stress or have been under stress for a long time, your mind and body will show the effects. There are some warning signs that can help you understand if you are under stress. Prominent Signs of Short-term Stress It may appear like instant ‘bursts’ primarily as a reaction to any incident that happens in your surrounding. A great way of dealing or eliminating is seen with yoga benefits. This type of short-term stress can impact the overall well being in various ways. Some ways how they can affect are •    Heart beat is faster than usual •    More sweating •    Cold hands and feet •    Feeling of sick stomach like butterflies moving in your stomach •    Muscles get tightened and you feel really tense •    Dry mouth •    Frequent visit to the bathroom •    Increase in fatigue and headaches along with shortness of breath This type of bust of energy can help you in situations where you ...

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Stress Related Effects on Your Mind

Do you feel like there is much pressure and demands on you? Do you feel helpless and you lose your sleep worrying about different situations? Have you recently lost your appetite? Does your head just keeps banging for whole day long and such similar situations are occurring after every few days? If this is your case, then don’t feel yourself alone because everyone at some stage go through these circumstances and all of them makes a single term known as stress. Stress is defined as an inevitable part of daily life, which has its impact on your mental and physical well-being. Our body structure is made in a way that we have to experience stress and react to it after every short period. It is good as long as it gives you alerts before some threatening situation but once it starts spoiling your daily life you need to get it cures as soon as possible. In addition, if it is left unchecked it can bring a long list of troublesome consequences for you. Just like in case of chronic stress, your body gets affected biologically as well as psychologically. Generally, stress is caused by various reasons. They might be your personal conflicts, workload, poor social relationships, loss of loved ones, and behavior of society or what so ever. You cannot define the causes of stress explicitly because it is a part of your routine life and you have to face it after every short period. However, if you are weak ...

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