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Panic Attack Effects On Your Body

Mood disorder can affect a person in two major ways. They could cause a person to feel extremely depressed at all time or cause manic attacks that comprise of switching from depression to over-excited and anxious behavior. One of the conditions that a person feels when he’s under the influence of manic mood disorder is panic attack. Panic attacks cause a person to act strangely but only to specific situations, sights and places and panic attack effects on your mood. Though depression could affect a person’s physique and social behavior directly, panic attacks might not have any effect on a person’s physical appearance unless a person goes under depression due to the fear of panic attacks. Panic Attack Signs While depression is more like a passive enemy of your social life, panic attack is more of an invasive being. When you are depressed you just don’t feel like being a part of social activities, sports and functions. Sometimes you just feel that you are not worth being a part of it all so you stay back. On the other hand, panic attacks force you out of the social activities and everything that could cause the attack to be triggered. You are fully fine, healthy and active in your normal life but you fear being in a social gathering or in a crowded place because panic attack could just accompany you. Panic attack related effects on your body make you feel somewhat embarrassed in front of the crowd and your friends ...

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