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Postpartum Depression Symptoms

Delivering a baby is one of the most pleasurable moments in the life of a woman. However, it can also be threatening and exhausting for some women. After delivering a baby, many women feel overwhelmed and confused. They are anxious about dealing with the responsibility of caring for the baby. 80% of women experience mild baby blues after childbirth. However, these symptoms will disappear on their own within a week to ten days. Postpartum depression symptoms are more severe than normal baby blue and are similar to something like reactive attachment disorder. These symptoms may begin at anytime within the first six months of delivery. What Causes Postpartum Depression Before understanding postpartum depression effects, it is advisable to understand what causes these symptoms. Hormonal changes, depression and serotonin, reduced marital satisfaction, a sense of loss, lack of support from spouse or other family members and disappointment in birth experience may cause postpartum depression symptoms. If you had experienced depression symptoms in the past or have a family history of depression or postpartum depression, you are more likely to develop this disorder. What are Postpartum Depression Effects Postpartum Depression effects are severe and long lasting, when compared to baby blues. Women may experience disturbed and upsetting thoughts, negative thoughts about the baby and guilty feeling. Constant fatigue, numbness, insomnia, lack of concern or excessive concern for the baby, social withdrawal from family and friends, lack of pleasure in life, loss of sexual interest, extreme mood swings, changes in appetite and suicidal ...

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