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B12 Shots

B12 is a vitamin which is soluble in water and commonly found in dairy products, meat or sea food.  It is essential for the maintaining a healthy red blood cell counts in the human body and also assists in the production of nerve cells, maintaining a healthy metabolism, energy levels and when talking about depression.  Deficiency of this vitamin can lead to a variety of health complications and it can be administered in the body either through shots of B12 or orally in the form of vitamin tablets. The vitamin B12 when consumed as part of a diet such as fish, cheese etc. is usually absorbed by the body during the process of digestion. The reason why doctors prefer B12 shots against supplementing it in pill form is because the acids present in the stomach also tend to break down the vitamin B12 into other chemical compositions before letting it be absorbed by the blood. As a result, a small fraction of the vitamin pill enters the system in reality. Thus, introducing the vitamin directly into the blood stream through shots of B12 maximizes its effects on the body. B12 Shot Benefits There are numerous B12 shot benefits and this is why it is advocated by physicians around the world.  The first major advantage of B12 shots is that it helps in maintaining healthy brain activity along with depression and exercise. Researches have proved that a high level of vitamin B12 in the human system helps in barring neurological complications ...

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