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Can St John's Wort Put You In A Good Mood

The answer to the question above-simply speaking-is no. St. John’s Wort does not put you in a good mood right away. But first, let us discuss exactly what St. John Wort is. St. John Wort is a yellow plant-often considered to be a weed-that grows in the wild. Its name derived from the flowers blooming around June 24, the day of St. John the Baptist’s birthday. Long ago it was believed that the plant was used as a natural herbal remedy to rid people of evil spirits. Now, it is used as treatment for side effect of depression and mild to moderate levels of depression. St. John’s Wort Explained An important ingredient is found in St. John’s Wort-Hypericin-which elevates the biochemical of the brain that affects a person’s mood. The natural herb also reduces adrenal activity which increases during depression. People have question whether the herb is useful for other social anxieties. The St. John’s Wort information conducted a study that showcased, does depression cause physical symptoms patients taking the supplement and other patients taking a placebo. The drug did not improve the patients no more than those taking the placebo. For social anxieties a person may want to consult a doctor who may prescribe a natural antidepressant or other type of mood enhancer. It seems that people are commonly turning to natural antidepressant because they are considered to be “all natural” and more effective. What St. John’s Wort Is Used For Since St. John’s Wort was found to have no ...

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