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Treating A Panic Attack

Only the people who have had a panic attack know the agony it puts them in. It is true that most of the people don’t have very long lasting attacks but some people do. Your attack could be over and gone in 10 minutes but for some people it could remain for a couple of hours as well. The intensity of the attack however may vary during the entire period of attack. The starting could be gradual or abrupt but within 5 to 10 minutes the person reaches the peak of his emotions and responsiveness to the attack. Different people try to deal with the attack in different ways like natural panic attack relief but most try to escape the situation or place that triggered it.

Treatment By Avoiding The Reasons

One of the ways of treating panic attack is by not going to place that cause you to panic. For example, a person could get panicked if he’s been put in a very congested or closed structure. If the room is too small for him to feel comfortable, he might feel extremely vulnerable and fears will haunt his mind. This is called the fear of being in closed places and the name given to this condition is claustrophobia. However, this is not a very effective way for everyone because if your fear is of going into crowded places, no one would recommend avoiding crowds forever. Traffic jams, parties, wedding parties and college or school functions cannot be avoided just to avoid the panic attack.

Treatment Through Therapies

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a very famous name in treating panic attack. Special environments are created for the patient and a therapist is keeping a check on the behavior of the person under attack. Once the specific thoughts that cause the attack to trigger are recognized by the therapist, the therapy begins by training the person in different ways to tackle the situation himself. Medications could also be taken while CBT is operational.

Treatment Through Exercises

Yoga and meditation help people in focusing on their inner self and feel the calm world inside them. They are also very helpful in improving the breath control of a person which is extremely useful for panic attack patients because they experience hyperventilation during the attack. People with strong will power can easily make use of these exercises to control their feelings and emotions when the attack is imminent.

Treatment Through Natural Remedies

Panic attack natural remedies are also extremely useful in treating panic attack without requiring any effort at all. Though you are advised to do as much as you can to improve the way you feel about things and get rid of the thoughts that trigger the attack but since it is a difficult task, you need to have alternate way of treating it. Herbal sadness relief is gaining more and more popularity and also for panic disorder. Panic attack natural remedies don’t prevent you from continuing with any therapies or exercises. These herbal supplements help calmness prevail in your emotions, sooth your anger and rid you of anxiety regardless of the situation you are in.