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When Do You Comedown From E Pills

The E PILLS comedown varies from one person to another person. Although there is a difference in the time patterns of getting high and then coming down, generally, the effects of the E PILLS starts after around 40 minutes of taking one and are known to peak around 2-3 hours later. Most people stay in the state for high for around 5-6 hours after which the effects start to diminish and the E PILLS comedown starts. So we can say that you come down from the E PILLS after around 8 hours if it is pure and without mixing.  Also the duration depends upon the amount of E PILLS taken within a certain time. Taking more pills within 24 hours can make the effect last longer.

E Pills Information

E PILLS are a recreational drug and can make you free of your fears and inhibitions. People who are afraid of going into crowds or communicating with others find that they can do it with ease by taking E PILLS. It gives a sense of high where everything seems achievable and all the sadness, fear, anxiety and panic goes away making you feel like a winner. Upon taking the E PILL, the person might feel extremely energetic and the sense of tiredness and thirst goes away. People do strange things and mingle with strange people during the high.

E Pills Comedown Effects

The E PILLS comedown effects are getting headaches, depression, anxiety and panic attacks. When the effects of the artificial feel good agent go away, the person might feel very depressed and anxious. Sometimes the E PILLS comedown effects related to the mental status last from a few days to a few weeks. Due to the natural antidepressant action, the person might want to reach the same high. The physical effects of E PILLS comedown are also quite severe and it would be worthwhile to find E PILLS comedown information before you think of popping a pill.

The physical E PILLS comedown effects are dehydration, hypothermia, heart failure, kidney failure, liver damage and also neurotoxicity resulting from low serotonin levels caused by the E PILLS. Also taking E PILLS with alcohol might further aggravate these problems as alcohol causes dehydration.  Also according to the E PILLS comedown information taking any other pills to combat the comedown effect might interfere and cause more side effects. There are some pain killers and other drugs which might help to handle the comedown better, but it would be best to consult a medical practitioner.

E Pills Comedown Cure

While some people report to overcome the E PILLS comedown effects within a couple of days, other are more severely affected and report feeling depressed, tired and panicky for 5-6 weeks after the dose. The comedown effects duration also depends upon the amount of E PILLS taken.  The best way to get effective E PILLS comedown cure is to maintain a good lifestyle afterwards. Taking proper nutritious diet, vitamins and adequate quantities of water or isotonic drinks can help to manage the E PILLS comedown cure. Also a good diet can help to get back the serotonin levels to normal within a few weeks preventing any brain damage.