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5HTP Vitamins

Many herbal supplements for depression increase your serotonin levels. 5htp vitamins are one of the most effective herbal treatments for depression. 5-hydroxytryptophan or 5htp vitamins are produced naturally in our bodies. The 5htp is used to make the serotonin neurotransmitter in your body. With the right dosage and complementing foods you can increase the serotonin levels in your body. People with depression have depleted quantities of 5htp vitamins effects of gaba; you can take this vitamin in the form of food and supplements. If you do not want to take depression drugs then 5HTP is going to be the best option.

What is 5HTP vitamins

It is an amino acid. It is made from tryptophan, for many years 5HTP is used as a dietary supplement. You will not find any food that has 5HTP in it, as it is produced from tryptophan so you can eat foods that are rich in tryptophan what is gaba supplement. Although you must know that eating such foods will not increase your 5HTP levels much. However, you can use many 5htp supplements and get better. Right now, the scientists are using Griffonia simplicifolia to make this herbal treatment. This is an African plant. These supplements are FDA approved and you can easily buy them from the internet.

5HTP vitamins in the Market

These herbal supplements for depression are readily available in the market. You can get these supplements from the any drug store; you would have to show a prescription first. You can buy it from the internet as well. 50-300mg of 5-HTP is sold abundantly on the internet. Results have shown that your mood will improve within a few weeks. There are no side effects so far. It has a long run safety record; and it is FDA approved so you would not be doing anything illegal.

It is very important to take the advice of your doctor before you take this herbal supplements for depression because it should not be taken with your depression medication. It is known to work alone, if you mix it with your medication then you would have more damage at your hand than you would have thought possible. Although there are some conditions, in which your doctor will advise you to mix it with St. John’s Wort herbal treatment. This is yet another natural anti- depressant that is known to do wonders. Make sure you consult your doctor before use because you need to set a safe dosage to start with.

Generally this supplement has proven itself to be worthy of buying. Most of the patients claim that they have better sleep, their appetite is back on full track and their mood is much better within the first week.

Remember that 5HTP supplements will not work for everyone. Everyone is unique and every problem is unique. This supplement has been very effective for the people under the age of thirty-five. People above the age of forty do not have many success stories and they have to find some other treatment for their depression.