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Will 5HTP Thin The Blood

5HTP seems to have a lot of uses, at least according to the 5HTP information provided by the websites trying to sell the supplement. Still, the effects of 5HTP on blood pressure are yet to be established, since only moderate results have been showed so far. Many times, 5HTP MDMA is used as a supplement needed for determining the body to produce more natural antidepressant, which is why it is used as a palliative treatment for depression. 5HTP ecstasy effects and how to treat midlife depression in women are particularly well known, since the depression caused by MDMA can be fought against this way. However, other effects have yet to be researched thoroughly. Also, another worry related to 5HTP is whether it is capable to thin the blood or not. So far, there are no scientific studies proving that this particular supplement that mostly contributes to increasing the levels of serotonin is a blood thinner. 5HTP side effects are also an issue to take into consideration, since they are not yet fully researched.

What can 5HTP do for the heart

While manufacturers of this herbal supplement will give you 5HTP information according to which you can use the dietary supplement in order to combat heart disease. Still, such claims seem to have no medical ground. Some studies show that 5HTP can lower blood pressure a little, but only when combined with a healthy diet, rich in carbohydrates. If you intend to take 5HTP premenstrual dysphoric disorder particularly for these claims, you may need to talk to your physician first. Also, the interaction between the supplement and any heart medication may lead to 5HTP side effects. The only thing 5HTP was proven efficient for is to stimulate the production of natural antidepressant, thus combating depression. This is why the benefits of 5HTP ecstasy are so well known, since consumers of recreational drugs use the supplement to combat the hangover appearing the next day.

5HTP is not a blood thinner

There is no medical evidence that 5HTP is a blood thinner, but this does not mean that you are protected from any 5HTP side effects. In order to make sure that your health is not at risk, try to find out more 5HTP information, including from your doctor. Also, if you take the supplement just for its 5HTP MDMA benefits, but you are also on other type of medication, you will need to know if there are any interactions. In order to stay away from dangerous 5HTP side effects, make sure to ask your physician about the possible risks for your health if you take this herbal supplement.

What is 5HTP good for

Blood pressure and other heart conditions are better treated if you take the right medication. For instance, 5HTP ecstasy uses are very popular, because the supplement is very efficient in combating the come down from the drug high. If you run a simple search for ‘5HTP MDMA’ you will discover that the supplement is really popular among drug consumers because it can alleviate the temporary depression often caused by the depletion of natural antidepressant.

It has not been proven that 5HTP is a blood thinner. Its effects on blood pressure levels are only moderate, to say the least, according to the 5HTP information provided by medical sources.