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About L-Theanine

The work pressure and modern day lifestyle has resulted in increased levels of anxiety and stress in a huge percentage of population. Eight hours of sound sleep everyday is a rarity and that increases the trouble even further. Studies reveal that excessive stress and anxiety can have a damaging effect on the health and lack of proper sleep increases the effect many folds. L-Theanine natural mood booster has a unique ability to promote quality sleep and consumption of 200mg of the same before bedtime can actually help in enhancing the quality of sleep in all aspects.

Other than reducing stress and anxiety, L-Theanine can also help in improving the mood of the person and aids in concentrating while working under the influence of caffeine. Another great thing about L-Theanine is that it helps in improving the body’s immune system to fight against infections. This is done by improving the disease fighting capacity or strength of the gamma delta T cells. Consumption of L-Theanine also results in improved alpha wave activity, which is the perfect awake state for most individuals. The activity is present when you are not stressed and are alert.

About L-Theanine – The Working

Scientists in Japan discovered L-Theanine more than 50 years ago. They found that it is present in tealeaves and has an amazing relaxing effect. It is digested in the small intestine and leads to the production of alpha waves in the brain, which makes it alert and relaxed at the same time. Another important point to understand about L-Theanine is that it stimulates the body to produce a number of other amino acids as well that have a calming effect on the brain and for a condition like situational depression. These include tryptophan, GABA and dopamine among others.

A Natural Remedy

For those suffering from depression, natural remedies are the very first thing that comes to the mind. Some of the alternatives that you can consider include

•    Light Therapy
•    Exercise
•    Massage
•    Consumption of correct diet
•    Yoga
•    Psychological Treatment

However, the point to understand here is that most of the above mentioned depression natural remedies require a few efforts and time, which we are really short of in the modern age. This is where consuming L-Theanine supplements provides just the right alternative for your needs.

Depression Natural Remedies

Theanine has been known as a natural remedy for quite some now especially in the Asian countries. Once you start consuming the products rich in the same, your body starts reacting in a similar manner as it reacts to any other substance that is necessary for a body function and is not harmful. Carvings for specific kind of food or food products are one of the natural ways by which the conscious mind tells you about the shortage of a particular nutrient. Once you start consuming L-Theanine, you would feel the same carvings for the product too.

In addition, it provides a number of other benefits as well including protection from ailments and free radicals by providing anti oxidants to the body. It is completely organic, do not contain any chemical, and has been consumed by people for the last few decades.