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Adjustment Disorder

Adjustment Disorder is a condition that occurs when a person is not able to adjust to a particular source of stress including a loss, an event or a major life change among others. In response to stimuli, the person is often overly intense or disproportionately overwhelmed. An important point to understand about Adjustment Disorder is that outside stress triggers the same and the individual is generally back to his normal self once he adapts to the situation. The triggers usually vary from one person to another; however, the common ones include

•    End of relationship
•    Death of a family member
•    Loss of job
•    Being Victim of accident or crime
•    Development of illness
•    Coming up of a major life change

Symptoms of Adjustment Disorder

Some of the symptoms of the disorder include sadness, feeling of hopelessness, anxiety, headache, worry, improper sleep, inclination towards drugs and alcohol, change of appetite and withdrawal from society among others.

Opposite to the popular perception about Adjustment disorder, it can affect anyone irrespective of gender, race, lifestyle or age among others. Major transitions of life including adolescence, mid life and late life increase the chances of a person suffering from the same.

Adjustment Disorder Treatment

A great point about Adjustment Disorder is that relieving the symptoms results in cure of the same. The very first thing you need to do in case you come across the symptoms is to consult a doctor. Though there is no lab test to diagnose the disease, a doctor would ask a few questions and perform a complete physical exam. This is to rule out any other physical cause that may result in the coming up of symptoms. The disorder can be treated using Psychotherapy, Family therapy, Support Groups or Herbal Supplements.


Psychotherapy is one of the most common treatments when it comes to the disorder. The Psychotherapist tries to figure out the details about Adjustment disorder and related causes for a particular person. He also helps in the development of better coping skills when it comes to stress. In severe cases, certain medications are also prescribed.

Support Groups and Family Therapy

Support Groups and Family Therapy are an important part of the treatment and allows one to discuss the feelings and concerns with members of the group or family. While family members can provide the desired support at the time of need, people at support groups can share their experiences and ways that helped them in leading a trouble free life.

Herbal Supplements for Adjustment Disorder

Herbal Supplements for Adjustment Disorder are probably the best alternatives to get the desired relief. Supplements made up of some of the most powerful natural ingredients including St. John’s Wort, L-Theanine and Rhodiola among others, which aid in lowering the stress levels and leading a happy and trouble free life in turn. You are able to cope with the different situations in a much better way without being troubled by any of the symptoms related to the disorder.

Herbal Supplements for Adjustment Disorder can be easily and safely added to the list of regular supplements without worrying about the side effects. In addition, you are not required to take out time from your busy schedule to see a doctor for a therapy.