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Adjustment Disorder

Adjustment Disorder is a condition that occurs when a person is not able to adjust to a particular source of stress including a loss, an event or a major life change among others. In response to stimuli, the person is often overly intense or disproportionately overwhelmed. An important point to understand about Adjustment Disorder is that outside stress triggers the same and the individual is generally back to his normal self once he adapts to the situation. The triggers usually vary from one person to another; however, the common ones include •    End of relationship •    Death of a family member •    Loss of job •    Being Victim of accident or crime •    Development of illness •    Coming up of a major life change Symptoms of Adjustment Disorder Some of the symptoms of the disorder include sadness, feeling of hopelessness, anxiety, headache, worry, improper sleep, inclination towards drugs and alcohol, change of appetite and withdrawal from society among others. Opposite to the popular perception about Adjustment disorder, it can affect anyone irrespective of gender, race, lifestyle or age among others. Major transitions of life including adolescence, mid life and late life increase the chances of a person suffering from the same. Adjustment Disorder Treatment A great point about Adjustment Disorder is that relieving the symptoms results in cure of the same. The very first thing you need to do in case you come across the symptoms is to consult a doctor. Though there is no lab test to diagnose the ...

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