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Aging and Depression

Old age is considered as a time for rest, complete relaxation and opportunities to do things that were not possible while pursuing careers. Unfortunately, the process of aging is not always so peaceful. There are some events in late life that can be so chronic like some medical disorders, sudden loss of loved ones and friends that affects the emotional well being of any person. In this case aging and depression come together leading to misery.

Aging and depression are related to each other in many ways with their anger effects and stress level indicators. In old age there are lot of physical changes in the body combined with some financial woes that triggers lot of negative emotions like anxiety, low self esteem and sadness. Aging and depression leads to social withdrawal of the individual.

Aging And Depression In Women

Aging and depression in women is more prominent than what we can see in men. Depression and the effects of bipolar disorder can be chronic and can have serious consequences that can complicate the health conditions of the person. There is a strong proof that with natural body changes along with aging can increase the risk of a person experience depression. Aging and depression in women is more common as low amount of folate in the nervous system and blood can contribute to mental impairment and depression, ultimately leading to dementia. Research also proves that there is a strong link between aging, depression and Alzheimer’s disease.

Aging And Depression Signs

There are many aging and depression signs that can be seen in a person. The following are some signs.

•    Feeling of emptiness and sadness
•    Diminishing level of energy
•    No interest in sex and other daily activities
•    Over sleeping or lack of sleep
•    Over eating or eating less
•    Lot of body pain and aches that appear untreatable
•    Crying excessively
•    Lack of ability to focus or make decisions
•    Guilt feeling or feeling completely helpless and worthless
•    Increased irritability
•    Attempt to suicide or thoughts of death

If any of these aging and depression signs are seen in any person it is time to consult the doctor immediately.

In some cases, old people may be hesitant to go and consult a doctor. They may feel shy but helpless. In that case they can do some self study using online or offline sources. They can browse through lot of aging and depression articles that can help them identify the symptoms and give them some relief. It is important for them to feel that depression can be a temporary phase and not an illness that can never be cured. Aging and depression articles are available in plenty when you log online. However, it is important to log on to authentic sites and get the right aging and depression articles that can help reduce the negative impact of this disorder and improve self confidence and esteem of the person concerned. Regardless of the source, depression can have an alarming emotional and physical effect on older people.