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Age and Depression

Depression is a common mental illness that transcends age, gender, ethnicity and race. Many studies have been conducted to see if age and depression are related along with panic disorder. These studies continue to offer interesting results. Research is also on-going to determine if age and depression in women are correlated. Depression During The Adolescent Years Age and depression statistics released by the government show that teen and pre-teen girls are more susceptible to depression than boys of the same age group. According to age and depression statistics released by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, the percentage of girls suffering from depression becomes three times more between ages 12 and 15. Experts who reviewed this data feel that we must be on the lookout for depression symptoms onset much earlier in girls. Age And Depression Symptoms The relationship between depression and age is evident even during the very early stages of life. It is the responsibility of parents to listen to their kids and look into some depression test types. We must give special attention when our kids talk about bullying in school and about feeling sad and low. Parents must also keep a close watch on their appetite and notice any decline in their interest in food. Symptoms of age and depression in women are evident much before they cross their adolescent and teen years. They may be in the clutches of constant depression or may experience episodes of low mood that lasts for a couple ...

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Aging and Depression

Old age is considered as a time for rest, complete relaxation and opportunities to do things that were not possible while pursuing careers. Unfortunately, the process of aging is not always so peaceful. There are some events in late life that can be so chronic like some medical disorders, sudden loss of loved ones and friends that affects the emotional well being of any person. In this case aging and depression come together leading to misery. Aging and depression are related to each other in many ways with their anger effects and stress level indicators. In old age there are lot of physical changes in the body combined with some financial woes that triggers lot of negative emotions like anxiety, low self esteem and sadness. Aging and depression leads to social withdrawal of the individual. Aging And Depression In Women Aging and depression in women is more prominent than what we can see in men. Depression and the effects of bipolar disorder can be chronic and can have serious consequences that can complicate the health conditions of the person. There is a strong proof that with natural body changes along with aging can increase the risk of a person experience depression. Aging and depression in women is more common as low amount of folate in the nervous system and blood can contribute to mental impairment and depression, ultimately leading to dementia. Research also proves that there is a strong link between aging, depression and Alzheimer’s disease. Aging And Depression Signs ...

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