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Alcoholism and Depression

When the alcoholics give up their drinking, they usually go through a period of grieving. For those who are diagnosed with depression and alcoholism, the grief of staying away from drinks is even more intense. That’s because when people with such disorders stop drinking, all the feelings and thoughts that have been medicated over the years due to alcohol begin to surface. This will make them even more depressed and sad.

Effects of Alcoholism and Depression

Out of all the combinations possible, alcoholism and depression is some thing that is worst as well as trauma and depression and to come out of both is a challenging task. Alcoholism and depression are two sides of the same coin. When you gradually come out of alcoholism you will feel depressed and when you want to get rid of depression you may try to take the support of alcohol.

Depression from alcoholism is commonly seen just like depression and low testosterone as well. People who are diagnosed with alcoholism and depressive disorder may find it difficult to attend programs, thinking that this does not give them what they want. To come out of depression from alcoholism is possible if the person has strong mental will power.

Alcoholics, in general may find it very hard to get out of any social occasion without having a drink. The same is the case of those alcoholics who also suffer from a depressive disorder. In case the person is depressed he may feel that when others are so happy what is wrong with him and why is he feeling depressed. This feeling in itself will trigger his urge to go for drinks. This is one reason how depression from alcoholism works.

Understanding Alcoholism Effects

Alcoholism Effects in a person is not so easy to understand as it is harder for people with both alcohol addictions and depression to say no to drinks. One prominent alcoholism effects that is seen in many people is the sense of withdrawal from public. If some person is diagnosed with depressive disorders or excessive alcoholism they can be prescribed medications that would surely stabilize their depressive symptoms. All those who suffer from excessive alcoholism can also be prescribed medications for anti-craving medications. There are some who refuse to take medications to get over alcoholism and depression. In such cases it would take a longer time to get cured. Medications can make the path of recovery easy.

Alcoholism treatment if given in the right way can help curb depression. Before the alcoholism treatment is given, the exact root cause of the disorder has to be ascertained, so that the given medications can help the person recover. Otherwise there would be no effect of these medications. Apart from the alcoholism treatment, the following are some tips that can help people suffering from depression in their recovery from alcoholism.

1. Building social-sober support network that is strong- You can try to include those people in this group who suffer from depressive disorders and also those who are in the path of recovery.

2. Stay away from places, people and things that can trigger urges and cravings- It is better to stay away from all those things that can trigger the cravings and drive you back to alcohol. In case you have to attend some social event or any party, it is better to take with you some people who belong to the support group.

In any case it is important to remember that you are entirely responsible for your recovery more than any medication or support group. It is all in the mind and you need to get away from that all with the help of strong will power.