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Panic Disorder Causes

Panic disorder is increasingly becoming a very common complication. The fast lifestyle of today can be termed responsible to a great extent as it has increased the overall stress level which has often led to people panicking in situations where they should not.

Panic Disorder Causes

There are various reasons for panic disorder and most reasons can be found through types of depression tests. It is important to be aware of panic disorder signs. There are many panic disorder causes. Let us go through some of them that seem to occur more commonly.


This is probably one of the worst panic disorder causes you will come across. It is genetic in nature and hence you can do very little in order to avoid it like depression and trauma as well. Your family members are probably prone to panic disorders. Unfortunately, in such situations, you can only hole that the complication does not hit you.


Environmental reasons for panic disorder are very commonly seen. Stressful upbringing, troubled childhood, insecurity and overprotective nature of parents are some of the aspects that tend to lead to panic disorder in many individuals. A number of surveys state that individuals who experience childhood abuse are more likely to suffer from this complication. There are specific panic disorder signs associated with this particular cause of panic disorder. Usually, such individuals press the panic button the moment some individual gets physically close to them. For instance – a person trying to give a hug can trigger panic in such individuals.


One of the reasons for panic disorder that will probably leave you shocked is the use of certain medication. Ultimately, medicines do contain chemicals. Certain chemicals tend to make an individual anxious. However, panic attacks triggered due to medication do not stay for a long time. It is only till the time your body gets used to the medication. If the effect tends to continue for a long time, you should visit your medical expert. If possible, you should discontinue with the medication.


This is one of the most common panic disorder signs. Almost every individual has a certain phobia in life. For instance – some individuals are scared of heights while some get paranoid when they come across lizards. The best way to get over such a situation is to get rid of the phobia itself. Phobia has a lot to do with the way you think. The best way to get rid of your phobia is to actually go ahead and do what scares you the most. For instance – if you are scared of heights, you should ideally go paragliding.


Amongst different panic disorder causes, situational aspects also play a key role. For instance – some people are scared to go into over-crowded areas. They moment they find themselves in a place with lots of crowd, they start panicking. It is important to make note of different panic disorder signs as early as possible. This way, you give yourself a good chance to treat the disorder.