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Anger is an emotion experienced by all human beings and many animals too. Mild forms of anger lead to displeasure, dislike or irritation and mirror bipolar disorder symptoms as well. When human beings react to frustration or threat they become angry which is a healthy response. Anger, as an emotion is a secondary response to feeling lonely, sad or frightened.

Anger Management

Managing anger is a great art and not all of us can master this art. One of the most basic components of anger management is knowing oneself. Anger is an emotion that needs to be manifested at the right stage and in the right direction and ha signs of aging and depression information prevalent. There arise many questions about anger management and most of these have logical answers to them. Biology and psychology together answer these questions about the mind and its ways. Questions about anger management may be mostly about how helpful or practical it is.

Anger Treatment

Anger treatment techniques are usually easy to practice and as seen in most cases, quite effective. Although there is no substitute for knowing oneself and correcting oneself of their own accord, anger treatment techniques can help an individual to move in the right direction. Anger treatment techniques helps in the sense that the mind is a malleable thing and one can make it perform virtually anything with enough practice and desire. Teaching the mind some control and habituating it to certain things is the basic principle of anger management.

Anger Relief

It is a fact that every individual may not find it important to indulge in any self-realization act, and may think it futile to do so. They may not be too keen to follow the techniques that can give them anger relief. Therefore, for such persons, it is more important to give practical solutions that are effective if adhered to, faithfully.
Interestingly, it has been observed that for a whole lot of individuals, anger management lessons do not help.

These are cases when a person’s anger originates from different sources and cannot be defined as just plain anger. These issues need to be addressed as a part of anger relief mechanism in a whole new way because classic anger management techniques would not bear results. These require many modifications. Some of the forms of such anger are frustration, psychological disorders such as ADHD, psychosis or neurosis. Some of them are also a result of physical handicapping, or retardation.

Studies About Anger

Studies about anger management also say that they are not suited to a few individuals. For instance, sometimes anger management methods backfire and a person may end up being a more high-tempered person than before.

In some cases, a person may simply not be motivated enough to work towards one’s temper. In this case, the angry personality builds up into ferocious anger and eventually in uncontrollable temper. These individuals are highly unstable and stand a chance of breaking any moment. Anger management may be a bad idea for them and instead, they need medical support to help them. These are extreme cases and usually, individuals can work on their personality at nearly all stages; particularly because uncontrollable anger is a negative emotion, yet so important to be let out. The right anger relief mechanism can calm down the person. This would also help them to control this emotion- Anger.