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Atypical Depression

Atypical depression is state of mind where the symptoms you experience would be the same as those we see in a person suffering from major depression. However, it may not show all the symptoms of those with aging and depression. There are some symptoms that are common to both atypical depression and major depression like increase in appetite leading to weight gain, more than normal sleep and being very sensitive to rejection. However, atypical depression has certain special characteristics;

Atypical Depression Treatment

Atypical depression treatment is the first step to cure this type of depression. Though there are many symptoms that can be seen in the person suffering from this type of depression, identifying the rot cause or the source of the problem is more important than starting Atypical depression treatment. The effectiveness of the atypical depression treatment would depend on how well the source of the problem is identified.

Atypical Depression Test

Well, in order to identify the source of the problem, you can opt for atypical depression test, that can help you identify the root cause. As against the name of the effects atypical depression is common and some doctors feel that it remains under diagnosed in most cases. If you experience any of the symptoms it is better to go for atypical depression test to conclude if you are really suffering from the same. Even in case you have your own doubts regarding your mental state, it is wise to go for the atypical depression test to be on the safe side.

Atypical Depression Signs

Some prominent atypical depression signs include mood reactivity. This would mean that the person with such a condition can see a change in their mood if they see only positive things happen around them. However, in case of major depression even the positive changes will not cheer the depressed. Other atypical depression signs include
Hypersomnia and increase in the appetite.  The person will react in a negative way that can lead to problems in work and social relationships. The doctor is the best person to look for atypical depression signs and confirm that you are in that state of disorder. Once this is done, the right course of  treatment can be initiated and the patient can find a great deal of relief.

The doctor may need to investigate the symptoms starting with a physical exam and check if you suffer from hypothyroidism. When you suffer from hypothyroidism, it indicates that you have low secretion of thyroid hormone that triggers the symptoms leading to weight gain and depression. Depression basically is the result of a chemical imbalance that takes place in the brain. The right balance of these chemicals is important as it facilitates communication between brain cells and other parts of the body.

The exact reason for why a person goes into depression is not known. However, there are some reasons like family history or recent tragic events in the family that may suddenly take a person to depression. Any type of physical, social or emotional abuse can also result in depression. Atypical depression is treated with the help of some drugs and psychotherapy that are of different types. If atypical depression is left unattended, it can lead to serious depression.