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Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety is a state of constantly being worried, anxious, and tensed for some particular reason. It is very difficult to explain the causes of anxiety precisely; anxiety may occur even in children due to so many reasons. It is the most common mental disorder among people.

Each one of us has experienced anxiety after every short period due to certain what-so-ever reasons and stress related effects on your body. However, when these maladaptive behaviors become more intense that they will start disturbing your life then it becomes necessary enough to find out a good therapist who would help you to get out of this miserable and awful feeling.

Interestingly enough, patients of anxiety are unable to describe what is actually wrong with them. If you are suffering from anxiety, you would have been unable to describe what’s going on with you. You might feel miserable, irritated, tensed and worried. Thus, anxiety is the unpleasant sense of apprehension and distress, disturbing your whole life.

However, your cognitive behavior towards different situations reflects the intensity of anxiety that you might suffer from. Cognition is basically your own belief of perceiving the threatening situations. The less you feel the more will be the chances to lead a healthy life style. Therefore, it is very necessary to get out of your negative thoughts and fight against the pessimism. Because anxiety directly affects your thought processes converting them into negative ones and making you a pessimist. However, different mind therapies and anxiety relief meditations are very helpful to avoid those negative thoughts. All you need to do is to find the expert therapist who would help you to deal with your awful feelings of being in an anxious state.

Symptoms Of Anxiety

Anxiety symptoms vary from person to person from mild to moderate forms. These symptoms include, disturbed sleeping patterns, insomnia, sweating, nausea etc. Difficulties in social relationships and depression are also accompanied by the problem of anxiety disorders.

Common anxiety symptoms include

•    heart racing and faced flushed
•    nausea
•    speech blocked
•    diarrhea
•    hyper-activity
•    unable to control thoughts
•    unable to relax
•    bodily complaints
•    fear of dying
•    fear of being attacked
•    dizzy feeling
•    weakness
•    mind blurred
•    heart racing & difficulty in breathing
•    feeling of choking
•    difficulty concentrating
•    insomnia
•    irritability
•    fatigue

However, these anxiety symptoms vary from person to person according to your condition and the level of anxiety you are suffering from. Anxiety disorders are categorized into four different forms including phobias, generalized anxiety disorders, panic disorders and obsessive compulsive disorders. Nonetheless, anxiety is the most prominent feature in all of them.

Treating Anxiety

By adopting these few tips you can avoid anxiety successfully:

•    You must adopt a healthy lifestyle.
•    Sleeping from 6-8 hours is very essential
•    Take enough rest
•    Take good nutritional food
•    Avoid thinking about minor worries

On the other hand, herbal supplements for anxiety and anxiety relief vitamins are also very helpful in curing this mental disorder. These herbal supplements for anxiety do not have any side effects but still they should be taken by consulting your psychiatrist. Commonly known herbal supplements for anxiety are, kava kava, skullcap, Valerianan, hops, catnip etc. Hence, in this way, anxiety disorders are curable if they get proper treatment at a right time.