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Are There Any Side Effects Of 5HTP

In normal cases, natural antidepressant is used as a psychiatric medicine, used to elevate mood and relieve stress. There are many natural antidepressants known in the market. Fruits,especially citric fruits,chocolates, chicken and so on are few that fall in the category of natural anti depressant info like how do selective serotonin reuptake enhancers affect teenagers. Recent reports also indicate that saffron, lavender Tulsa  have natural anti depressant properties.

5-HTP Information

5-Hydroxytryptophan is full form of 5htp vitamins, also known as oxitriptan. It is basically an amino acid. It is a precursor of serotonin and melatonin from ginseng to tryptophan. It is also known to be an intermediate of metabolism in the pathway of serotonin and melatonin.
5-HTP is used as the over the counter drug in many countries. It is also used as a suppressant for appetite. Many people use it for this purpose. 5-HTP can cause hypertension when interacted with other drugs.

It is clinically used for the treatment of depression. 5 HTP side effects are not known in detail, as they are not yet established fully. Few of the known 5 HTP side effects are heart valve damage, blood abnormalities, muscle tenderness, malign and so on.

5-HTP Uses

5HTP MDMA is short form for 3, 4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, which is commonly known as 5-HTP ecstasy. There is an increased usage of 5-HTP ecstasy in the youngsters in today’s world. There have been arguments in the scientific society over the use of 5-HTP ecstasy. While there have been studies that MDMA in lower concentrations is used as a medicine to treat depression, misuse of ecstasy is on the rise. 5HTP Side Effects are many.

5HTP MDMA on the other hand enhances synthesis of serotonin. It enters neurons and alters synthesis of serotonin. Basic difference between MDMA and ecstasy is that, MDMA makes the cells forcibly release serotonin, where as 5HTP is the natural booster of serotonin from the cells. However, an overdose of 5HTP MDMA may lead to vomiting sensation. A thorough understanding of th possible 5HTP Side Effects can be of great use. The 5HTP Side Effects are different for different users and cannot be measured in the same way.Some can be fatal while some can be really mild.

Many people use 5HTP MDMA together. Its interaction does not increase hallucination effect. On the contrary, use of 5HTP after MDMA reduces the effect of MDMA. There has been no concrete neuro imaging data that supports the use of 5 HTP and how it can lower the MDMA effects. Many people have tried conducting studies where they give the subject 5 HTP and then MDMA. This is done to lower the toxicity that is caused by MDMA. Many people hypothesize that effect of MDMA is unique, it is just not the way it effects serotonin, the chemical pathway for MDMA behavior is much more complex and yet unknown.

Many websites and online portals provide 5-HTP information. Its long-term side effects are not yet established. It should be used only as a prescription drug. 5-HTP information should be given to youngsters who attempt using it along with MDMA. 5-HTP information is put on the medical websites and on the rehabilitation websites where youth are discouraged to use either.

When you browse through the 5-HTP information we can come to know that there are 5-HTP medicines available that come in various dosages. Dosage ranges up to 100 milligrams. Depending on the severity of the disorders the dosages are given. It can prove fatal if higher dosages are taken.